10 Books African Students Should Read After Graduation

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10 books to read after graduation. Really? AFTER graduation? This is the first reaction that would come from 80% of typical African graduates. Why? This 80% have the orientation that books are meant to be read while at school, and once they have graduated? To hell with books! And this is usually because they hardly read anything outside of what was imposed on them by their lecturers for assignments, tests, and exams. They never thought that there could be more to education than just school.
Most of the mysteries and principles that govern life, and the things in it—which we have been so busy chasing that we have no time to read—have been revealed in books by wise men in all ages all over the world. It only takes the picking up of a book, and the discipline and patience to read it to the end, to drink from the world’s well of wisdom. Are you still in school? Have you graduated already? Follow this list and you will get to know the 10 books you should read after graduation. In case you have read some of them or all of them before now, you will have to do a re-reading.

rich-dad-poor-dad after graduation1. The first on our list—in no particular order—is Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” This book is on our list because it is one that is sure to change your mentality about money, education, and school. Generally, most parents want their kids to do some particular favored courses that have been tagged ‘professional’. The top three among these courses are Medicine, Law, and Engineering. Parents want their kids to go for these courses because they believe that their kids will stand a better chance of having employment opportunities and job security after graduation. Sadly enough, many young people also have this mentality. If you are one of such people and you haven’t read Rich Dad, Poor Dad yet—infact, if you have read it, you couldn’t still be one of them—go to the nearest bookshop and grab your copy of this life-changing book. The book will draw your attention to the actual nature of savings and investment. Don’t give it a second thought. Get this book now and get the financial education you weren’t given at school before graduation.

why a students after graduation2. Number two on our list is “Why A Students Work for C Students: and B Students Work for the Government” by the same author. The title of this book is enough clue to what will be found inside. The book gives revealing insights into entrepreneurship and capitalism. Kiyosaki is set to demystify capitalism and give us the financial education that has been neglected at schools.

purpose driven life after graduation3. The third on the list is Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life.” If you haven’t read this book already, you are among the 2% of the world’s population who hasn’t. It is a book that will give you a sense of direction in this tedious journey called life, as you are bound to face it squarely after graduation. Success is not geared towards money alone, for – as has been observed – the rich also cry. Put aside religious sentiments and go to the nearest serious bookshop around you for your own copy of this life-changing book. You will surely thank us later.

emotional intelligence after graduation4. Number four goes to Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence.” This is another book that teaches what we are hardly taught at school. It emphasizes another aspect of our humanity that controls the larger areas of our lives, yet have been neglected. Our emotions. The book shows that it is not all about IQ, owing to the fact that the highly academically intelligent people still do stupid things that make us shudder. With this book, you will not only learn about emotions, but will also be on your way to being the master of your emotions.

power of self confidence after graduation5. For number five, we have Brian Tracy’s “The Power of Self Confidence.” We may not say outright that confidence is everything; but a confident attitude towards life naturally sets one ahead of others. Confidence enables you to stay on your own lane in life, without competing with anybody. Get your own copy of this book and learn practical ways to become that confident person you will always admire.

takeaway after graduation6. “The Takeaway” by Pat and Kathryn Williams is a book you should not just read and dump, but should make constant reference to in your everyday life. It touches the basic things in life, drawing our attention to them in an amazing way. In this book, you will be reassured that age is but a number and you can go ahead and do practical things to improve your life, physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.

richest man in babylon after graduation7. Now if you haven’t read “The Richest Man in Babylon”, you are totally missing out. Okay, in case you don’t like bulky books, this one is quite small in size but big in the information it provides. In it lies the basic things you need to know about money. It doesn’t necessarily explain ways of making money, but it shows you how to have the financial status of your dreams, no matter your present income. Get a copy for yourself, read it, get surprised, laugh at your past mistakes, and then put on your seat-belt; on your way to being the richest man in your area.

men are from mars after graduation8. Did you know that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”? You didn’t? Okay. Get John Gray’s book by that title and discover for yourself why men and women behave so differently, and hardly understand one another. This will help your human relations skills in the area of managing the opposite sex. You will also discover something about your own sex, which will help you understand your gender better.

how to win friends after graduation9. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”—though with a title that may put one off—is a must read for everyone—graduate or not. The book is about everything regarding human relations. What hapens next after graduation is that you will go out and work with people. Whether as an entrepreneur or an employee, you definitely will work with others. This makes it necessary for you to get a copy of Carnegie’s book and discover why you should have read it a long time ago.

follow your heart after graduation10. Finally, we have Andrew Matthews’s “Follow your Heart.” This is one book that will shatter your thinking, and then re-organize it. It will leave you dumbfounded and make your eyes and heart open to actuality. One of the interesting things you will find in this book is that even if you are an employee, you don’t work for your boss, you work for yourself. The book will generally teach you how to take charge of your own life.
Though this list is by no means exhaustive, we shall stop here and continue maybe later. Do not forget to read books in your own field of study, to broaden your horizons and stay updated. And most importantly, keep your ears and mind open to the happenings in your environment.
Don’t let graduation deter you from reading. Keep the fire of reading burning and watch your mind undergo a remarkable transformation.


  1. This article is absolutely enriching. Kudos to you Hope. You have done well. And just so you know, you just fanned back my reading embers back to life.

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