10 Business Ideas Nigerian Students Can Start in School

Nigerian university hostels are a perfect starting point for a number of small business ideas…if you’re innovative enough, your hostel room just might be the location for a number of lucrative business ideas. A university environment provides the perfect target demographic for a number of business ideas, giving you the tools, resources and market demand for next to nothing. All you need is knowledge of the services to provide, a little startup capital, and you’re good to go. Here are 10 business ideas you can start from your university hostel.

photography - student business ideas

  1. Photography: Social media networks, personal events and modeling have made this a very important and lucrative business idea in Nigerian universities. Provide photo coverage for student events like dinner nights, award nights and pageants, do model photo shoots for university magazines and cover personal events like birthdays, anniversaries and the like. The requirements for this business idea are a photo camera, and photo printing equipment.

    makeup - student business ideas

  2. Makeup artist:There is an excess of demand for this business idea in virtually every girls hostel. If you don’t already know how to – or if you need more ideas to add to your knowledge base, there are several videos on instagram and youtube from professional makeup artists you can learn from. You can even give classes – for a price of course. This simple business idea can generate good money if executed properly.

    hair - student business ideas

  3. Hair Styling: This business idea doesn’t need any capital to start. If you’re good with braiding hair, you can offer your services for a fee for a start. Charge fees based on the complexity and style of each hairstyle. Later on, when you’ve made a little cash, you can start selling other hair products like creams, human hair, extensions and the like.

    modeling - student business ideas

  4. Modeling: This business idea is dependent on you having a model’s body – height, a pretty face and legs to die for. If you do, however there is an abundance of modeling opportunities in universities, as student startups are made up of a lot of fashion businesses. Find people who require your services, wear their apparel and pose for their camera.

    baking - student business ideas

  5. Baking: This business idea will benefit from the several birthdays, graduations, convocations and ton of other events that need cakes. Learning to bake is much more simple than most people think, and not as expensive either. Learn from online videos to bake different kinds of cakes, from chocolate cakes, sponge cakes and white cakes, and more importantly – icing, be it butter icing or sugar icing. Execute this business idea well, and you could progress to a cake business after school, catering to not just birthdays, but weddings as well.

    laundry - student business ideas

  6. Dry Cleaning services: People always have need for this business idea, regardless of where they are – be it university hostel or a regular residential area. Providing laundry services is a business idea that requires almost no capital. Detergent, bleach, starch and an electric iron are the essentials. With time, you could rent a premises close to the hostel, get a washing machine and generator, and even employ an assistant for the times you’re not disposed. You could also open an online store on ZeeSaa online market for free, and take advantage of all the benefits of taking your business online.

    graphics - student business ideas

  7. Graphic design: This business idea requires expertise and creativity and virtually no capital. Design posters for student events, album art for student artiste tracks, and even work with student magazines. Create an online portfolio of your work and broadcast it to as many people as possible. With the right customer base, this business idea could turn into a full time job after graduation.

    it consulting - student business ideas

  8. IT consulting: This business idea is for tech-savvy students, who know a lot about computers, phones and tablets, they could help other students who have issues with their tech devices – for a fee. From flashing and rooting to providing the latest software and tools, this could be a very lucrative business idea if you build the right reputation.personal trainer - student business ideas
  9. Personal Trainer/Gym class: Everyone wants to be fit, have a six pack and muscles or thigh gap, and look generally buff, but very few know the proper workout routines or have the right motivation for that body they want. You can easily do research and find out the required exercises for the results students want. Organize workout classes for other students for a fee, and this business idea is set. Just make sure you have a fit body, or you won’t be able to convince anyone to join in. No one wants to take workout classes and advice from an overweight or lanky person!

    tutoring - student business ideas

  10. Tutoring: If you have any of the above skills or you are the class’ brain box, another business idea is to tutor students – either one on one, or in an organized class. You can start by tutoring friends in any field you’re good in, and charge them a token for a start. With increase in patrons, you can then charge a more premium fee.

Being a university student doesn’t mean you can’t kick-start your career or business idea from your hostel room. You don’t need to wait for parents and guardians or family to put money in your pocket when you can earn from any of the listed business ideas in your hostel room and gain experience and business knowledge from them. Build a customer base in your university from the execution of these business ideas, and you can continue earning money, even after you graduate.

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