11 Nigerian Foods Everyone Should Try

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Nigerian local foods are the best! Quote me anywhere. The Nigerian palate is extensive, mouth-watering and extremely varied. It consists mainly of yam, plantain and beans – based dishes, prepared with various soup and stew recipes. With different meat and fish combinations of course – almost no Nigerian meal is complete without a meat or fish portion. The options are too numerous to mention in a single post, but the following are just a few of them…  a tip of the iceberg if you will.


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  1. Abacha – Eastern Nigerian dish, prepared with dried, shredded cassava, ugba, garden eggs, stockfish and/or kpomo. Other garnishings could be added at the chef’s discretion.

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  2. Ofe Akwu or Banga Soup – Banga is usually referred to as ofe akwu in eastern Nigeria, where ofe means soup/stew and akwu means palm fruit from which the soup is made. It’s mainly used as stew for boiled rice, and sometimes eaten with various fufu recipes – pounded yam, garri, etc.

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  3. Achicha: This is made of dried cocoyam left for many months to blend and ground into smaller sizes. It’s cooked together with beans of any type and mixed with a lot of red oil and other local additives such as leaves and other seasoning.

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  4. Ayaraya Oka/Ji – Steamed maize and cowpea. ayaraya oka is made from a blend of cowpeas with slightly ground maize and vegetables. Ayaraya-Ji is made of battered, slightly mashed yams instead of maize.

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  5. Pepper Soup – Is a thin, extremely spicy drinking soup, full of assorted meats or fish, and scented leaves. Virtually every single kind of meat or fish is found in peppersoup. Some people swear the catfish pepper soup is the best, while others claim that goat-meat peppersoup is their favourite.

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  6. Okpa – Traditional eastern Nigerian food, made with bambara flour. It’s also called the king’s meal in south – eastern Nigeria. Okpa can be eaten alone or with akamu or custard.

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  7. Moi-Moi – traditional western nigerian dish, made of peeled brown beans, ground with onions, peppers and spices. Any combination of extra bits could be added to it such as flaked fish, boiled egg, beef and more. It could be eaten alone, but usually accompanies jollof rice, fried plantain, akamu or custard etc.

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  8. Edikang-Ikong: this is a dry, leafy vegetable soup, traditional to the cross river region of nigeria. the vegetables are a mixture of ugwu (pumpkin leaves), and waterleaf. where these are unavailable, people use spinach instead. Several meats and fish are also used, and sometimes perewinkles too. It is usually eaten with pounded yam or garri.

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  9. Dodo: Fried plantains, usually accompanying rice dishes. No much preparation required – just peel, slice and deep-fry the plantains. Can be prepared by anyone, and is enjoyed by every Nigerian.

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  10. Nkwobi: This is simply spiced cow foot, usually ordered in restaurants. It is served in a thick palm oil sauce, and sometimes garnished with utazi leaves.

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  11. Afang Soup: Leafy vegetable stew, traditional to the Efik people, cooked with palm oil, meat and seafoods.

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