5 Bad Habits You Must Break to Succeed

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Most young entrepreneurs aren’t reaching full potential and sadly have no idea why. They could argue that they cover all the bases: a great startup idea, proper financial backing and the perfect startup team, but keep missing the mark regardless of how hard they’re trying. They have all the proper habits like a strong work ethic, networking with other people in their niche and setting daily goals, but forget to pay attention to the bad habits they’re allowing to slip through the cracks. If it sounds like you’re not achieving as much as you should despite your best efforts, take an honest look at the list below and see if you have any of the mentioned bad habits.

  1. Procrastination: Procrastination is a bad habit that can take many forms, making it all that harder to combat. For some, it could mean hitting the snooze button on their alarm every morning while others could suffer from lack of prioritization: If you don’t know where to start, why start at all? Get rid of procrastination by not just prioritizing and getting up when you wake up, but by also doing what needs to be done when it should be done. Form the habit of tackling tasks head-on instead of putting them off until later.criticise-bad habits
  2. Ignoring criticism: Building a successful startup from scratch takes a lot of belief in oneself and one’s abilities. Successful entrepreneurs have an “I can do anything i put my mind to” mindset. But while self-belief is healthy, it’s vital to not allow ourselves think that we are better than we really are. Ignoring criticism is a bad habit that must be dropped if we are to improve ourselves. If we get several commendations for a job well done and one review that thrashes our product, it’s easy to write off the bad review and forget that we can always learn more from where we failed than from our successes.
  3. Fear of failure: This could also be mistaken for the need to survive, but the truth is that if we never try anything new, we’ll remain stuck where we are. Failure is one of the best teachers because it gives us the opportunity to learn. When we dedicate time and practice to a new method or skill, we learn to be better at it.perfect-bad habits
  4. Perfectionism: One sure way to never get anything done on schedule is to want to do everything perfectly. We must understand that there will hardly be a time we complete a task perfectly after the first try. Make drafts with the knowledge that they will be edited and have inconsistencies taken out. Perfectionists freeze up before they begin a task, thinking about everything they could do wrong even before they start. Perfectionism is a bad habit that only makes activities more difficult when we finally get around to starting them and affects the quality of otherwise good work. Perform necessary preparations, but before you can consider what you will do wrong, dive headfirst into the task and pay proper attention to the editing process once the task is finished.
  5. You do the most important tasks last: Most days, we are most productive in the morning when our brains are still fresh and the fatigue and sluggishness of the midday period have not set in. Tackling the most difficult and energy-consuming tasks is best done in this morning period when we are more productive, so that we can complete them earlier and more thoroughly than we would if we left them until later.

Focus on fixing one habit at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. The more bad habits we fix, the more we can achieve and start operating at our maximum potential.


  1. My bad habit is to “like” a contribution without clicking on the hyperlink to actually read it. This limits me to only the first line or two of the contribution, which admittedly should contain the gist of the piece. This time I opened the article and was pleasantly surprised at the content, but alas found that I possessed most of the bad habits listed. I was glad when I read the bottom of the article which contained a solution to fixing multiple bad habits!

  2. Doing important thing at last and looking for perfection made terrible and additional tips also awesome. TYSM for sharing important article.

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