5 Non-Tech Business Ideas


Not every startup is a tech startup. Especially in developing countries where access to infrastructure like power and broadband internet are restricted to a privileged few. Entrepreneurship in such climes is a must for survival and since tech is almost entirely out of the question, non-tech startups are all the rave. Some skills that may appear old-fashioned or out of vogue like cleaning and cooking can be built into successful enterprises. A perfect example is Ayodeji Megbope’s “No left-overs” franchise. Several aspiring entrepreneurs are excited to jump right into an exciting new app idea or try inventing the next groundbreaking technology. But for others, the idea of technology being so critical in the business can be quite intimidating.

If the idea of starting a high tech business is more overwhelming than exciting, it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams. Think about the skills you do have and consider whether or not they might fit well with one of the non-tech business ideas that are still very viable today.

However, there is no business idea that can be successful without a lot of hardwork. Though you may not need expertise in certain technical skills, you do need some knowledge about the Internet, willingness to learn and all the creativity you can muster.

  1. Content writing: Contrary to popular belief, you mustn’t be a best-selling author to write interesting or informative content. Freelance writing doesn’t need a formal education, but it does require a certain level of motivation. Content creation and marketing go hand in hand and in order to build a good reputation for yourself, you must market your content to the right people. This also helps you get more projects and increase your client base. You can take this a step further by starting a business where you employ several writers, get projects for them and pay them – and yourself – from  the proceeds. There is an insatiable market for quality content, both online and offline: Sales letters, pitches, resumes, articles/blog posts, books, etc.
  2. Consulting: Consulting is a non-tech business idea you can start, using just your knowledge and experience – even without any capital at all. You don’t need knowledge of tech to start a business in consulting. Whatever your skills are – be it cooking, business planning, marketing – name it, you can build a successful business by selling your expertise to people in that niche who need it.
  3. Delivery service: If you have a reasonable amount of capital and want to start this non-tech business, you can get a couple of used cars at a giveaway price, add some bikes to them and start delivering items – even between cities – for people who need your services(which is virtually everyone at one point or another). If you have limited capital, you can start with bikes alone, delivering smaller packages and scale from there when the amount of deliveries inevitably increases.
  4. Photography: There are a number of ways to generate income from photography: taking pictures for websites and publications, selling the rights to your images or even, giving classes to other aspiring photographers. Today, the internet has made it doubly easy to market your services. Several different kinds of photography exist and you can choose the one that interest you most or which you have more opportunity to take on. Landscape, portraits, models, cityscape and even weddings are all options. Photography is something that anyone can take up, depending on how creative they are.  Although equipment can be expensive, there are alternative ways to keep down costs — renting equipment and studio space is a viable way to save money in the beginning.
  5. Home cleaning: This is a non-tech service that is in high demand almost everywhere. You can start out alone, and when you build a reasonable number of clients, hire clients to do the actual cleaning while you manage them and get even more clients.

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