5 Steps To Start a Successful YouTube Career

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Being a creator of video content on YouTube is becoming  – or maybe has already become – a mature, bona-fide career in our generation. Just as young content creators are maturing into entrepreneurs, the YouTube ecosystem – vloggers, audience and the entire community – is maturing with them. There are several possible ways to get the views, subscribers, engagement and just maybe the fame. If you want to make a successful career on YouTube, as a musician, beauty expert, tech geek or other talent, the platform is the right one to reach millions of people to share your talents with. This article shows 5 steps to start and maintain a successful career on the world’s most valuable video platform.

Before starting:

  1. Find a niche with a sizable audience: this is the first and most important thing you must do before you even shoot your first video – before you even sign up to be a vlogger.  You should find out who your target group is and what they are interested in. you also need to think about your strategy. Things like for example how much time you would like to put into creating your video content. Creating video content is not just about pointing a camera and recording. You must also cut, edit and add effects if you want to release the kind of high-quality videos that people want to watch. A storyline is necessary as well, so your audience knows what kind of content to expect from you. After you make a rough plan of the kind of content to produce and the audience you intend to reach, you need an editorial plan as well. This one is important for planning, and integrating your profession as a YouTuber into your daily life. Your viewers are going to come to expect content on a regular basis and you will have to consider this when making your plans.
  2. Get the necessary equipment: after figuring out when to shoot videos and the kind of videos to make, you will need to get the right kind of equipment for shooting the videos. For a start, it won’t be necessary to buy top-of-the-line camera equipment. You will just need a camera that can shoot clear videos at a respectable resolution. Good quality video, lighting and sound are the basics here. Nowadays, most smartphones can shoot videos that are not just acceptable,but of very good quality. You also need some software for editing your videos. iMovie or Windows Movie Maker for example will do the basics you need to start with. When getting more serious into your YouTube business, a professional camera (Canon 70d is highly recommended in the vlogging scene), a lense (50mm f1:1.8 – for blurry background and clear front), studio lighting and a microphone are worth to invest in. For cutting and editing, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro are good choices.

Shooting and uploading:

  1. Videos: When you’ve gotten equipment good enough to start with, set up your equipment. Ensure that your camera, or phone’s battery is charged because shooting videos is a power-hungry process. Get your zoom levels right and be sure not to underexpose or overexpose. I recommend leaving the camera settings at auto if you don’t know what these are. Setting is also important – make it appealing enough and try to match your surroundings to the topic of your videos. If you’re talking about fitness, a gym environment would be a nice setting. However, some topics don’t necessarily need special settings to make their videos good. At the start of each video, it’s always good to give a very short introduction of you and then introduce what the topic would be. The highlight is usually placed at the end of your video to generate a high watchtime. Your goal is to maximize the watchtime which will be a good metric for your YouTube analytic results so you can easily convince corporations. Before your video ends, thank everyone for watching and maybe call your viewers up to leave a comment or a thumbs up. The perfect length of a video is 5 to 6 minutes.
  1. Your channel: A good channel name is very important. You will have to choose one before you upload your first video on YouTube. Get a cover picture and channel information like topics and post times. Link your YouTube to other social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the most popular. However, keep in mind that if you are looking to build a followership on these sites, you have to be prepared to post consistently on them. When uploading your video, add a catchy thumbnail and title to tease your audience. Add unique tags and links to your description, which will promote your video in the recommended video section and link to products you are talking about.

Making it a success:

If you truly desire to become a relevant YouTuber and get a strong fellowship with high engagement, you will need to be an active part of the community yourself by connecting with other YouTubers, asking them to watch your videos and promoting your channels with each other. Try to connect with popular YouTubers by going to YouTube meet ups. Call upon your viewers to follow your channel and leave thumbs up or comments under your videos. Ask them questions and get people involved. Share the videos you created on other platforms. But most of all be patient and continue your work because chances are that you won’t become a YouTube Star overnight.

If you have built a loyal followership on YouTube, more people will become aware of your channel, giving you the opportunity to earn money from your activities on the platform. To earn money as a YouTuber you can co-operate with brands or activate monetisation for your videos. With a strong fellowship and a high number of views, you can even become a YouTube partner. As a partner you can use additional tools to edit your videos and get awards for your number of subscribers. Whatever you use the platform for, whether it’s to increase your popularity as a musician, show people your makeup skills, or how funny you are, YouTube is great for all the creatives out there to share their talents with the world.

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