The 7 Most Important Tech Jobs Today

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As more and more of the world’s advances are in technology, today’s job markets are shifting accordingly. Companies in every niche are beginning to realize the value of having an online presence and leveraging available tech trends in virtually all their departments. From marketing and advertising to sales, using digital means has become a requirement if you must keep up with competing companies in your industry. That being said, you might be considering a job or career in tech and are confused by the wide range of options available. From web development to cryptography and networking, tech jobs abound. But as with everything else, some jobs are more relevant than others in establishing an organization in the digital space. These are the 7 most important tech jobs available today.

  1. Web/Software Developer: Full stack web developers and software developers are the backbone of any enterprise with roots in tech. People with this tech job title can build computer software and web applications from scratch to finish and while their design skills may not be top of the line, the applications they build do the most important thing – they work. Normal requirements would be five to eight years of experience in software engineering. They would normally be proficient in two to three mainstream languages and also be good database administrators.
  2. IT Manager: These professionals help organizations manage their technology systems such as their PCs and servers. This tech job also involves installing system updates, deciding on the software the company is to buy and negotiating with the vendors. A knowledge of computer hardware, alternative software and basic networking skills are required. Also, having basic programming skills wouldn’t go amiss.
  3. Data Scientist: Fairly recently, this tech job has become a hot cake as more and more companies want to store data and use it for insight in making several other decisions. A data scientist has the job of running the systems used to store data and finding insights in large amounts of data that will enable your business decision makers inform your future strategy. As expected, data mining and data analysis are requisite skills for a data scientist.
  4. Product Manager: Product managers act as more of translators, breaking down what the business needs its tech products to do into specifications for engineers. Product managers guide teams whose responsibility is making products for companies. Requirements for this tech job include three to five years of strong product-management experience and a good sense for the intersection of business, user-experience design, and technology.
  5. Content Manager: Content managers have the responsibility of creating web pages, landing pages, writing copy and ensuring that content is visually compelling and appealing. The job is not strictly technical, but technical knowledge around front-end presentation of content is needed.
  6. UI/UX Designer: User experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) are crucial for succeeding in business today. The professionals needed are IT-savvy individuals who can focus on getting at the heart of the customer through research, human-centered design, and rapid test-and-learn cycles with customers. Requirements for design tech jobs include experience in conducting research, field testing, and using design tools such as personas, empathy maps, and customer journeys.
  7. Agile Testers: Agile testers are like normal testers, but work more quickly. They achieve this by both automation and working closely with others in the digital delivery process. The role of a software tester in an Agile environment goes beyond “just testing” and logging bugs. It is more working as part of a development team and working closely with the product owner. The tester works with everyone in the team in order to improve and build quality into the product as early as possible. In contrast with other methodologies, Agile testing focuses on repairing faults immediately, rather than waiting for the end of the project. By doing so, costs are expected to go down.

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