7 Online Tools to Keep Your Team Connected And Productive

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The days when teams working on a project had to be in the same place physically to communicate and compare work, get opinions, suggestions and direction from team members and directors are over. While having the entire team physically present is still the easiest way to work, several companies have leveraged existing technologies to have hundreds of employees in countries around the world. These companies found the right tools that enable them have team members in different time zones or countries while still collaborating on projects and staying productive.

Here is a list of tools to keep your team connected and productive both in the office and in different locations.slack-connected and productive

  1. Slack: This unicorn is a free, powerful way to keep all team members connected and productive. Minus the annoyance of email and the presence of group chats, document sharing and other features, Slack is the perfect messaging tool for work.

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  2. WordPress: 20% of the internet is powered by WordPress for a reason. The content management provided by WordPress trumps that of any other mainstream platform currently in existence. Themes, plugins and the myriad other customization options allow you make this platform your own.google docs-connected and productive
  3. Google docs: Discuss notes, blog posts, reports and upcoming features on Google docs. This online tool comes in handy when everyone is not present to receive notes face to face for a meeting or consultation. The sister tools Google sheets and slides are spreadsheet and presentation programs respectively and together make up the Google office suite for creating, sharing and editing documents anywhere on multiple devices without having to worry about saving. All changes are saved to Google drive instantaneously.skype-connected and productive
  4. Skype: Skype is the next best thing to physical person to person meetings. It needs no introduction as it’s one of the most powerful communication tools for video and team calls. Whether it’s a call to a customer or an interview with a potential employee, this online tool gives the best experience of any video call tool made.github-connected and productive
  5. Github (for developers): This online tool is the best version-control system currently in mainstream use. It’s the best tool for keeping developers collaborating on a project connected and productive. Though Github can also be used to keep track of the different versions of a document that several people are contributing to, there are better online tools out there for managing documents. If you’re not a developer and don’t understand the point of Github, then it’s not for you.trello-connected and productive
  6. Trello: One of the best project management tools, Trello can be used to track your to-do’s on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. It can also be used to organize content production and marketing from the idea stage to the publishing stage.

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  7. Invision: This online tool is useful for design teams and collaborators. It allows teams to collaborate and share comments on design layouts, feature builds, and even prototype new ideas inside the app. Invision saves a lot of time and keeps your entire team aligned to one vision of the product.

Feel free to share the tools that keep your team connected and productive and help you collaborate on projects whether you’re together physically or in different locations.

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