7 Skills for Top Entrepreneurs that Require No Talent

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Yes, you read that right – no talent required. No inherent ability that can’t be learnt is required for these must-have skills for every top entrepreneur. From daily habits like timeliness and a willingness to learn, to skills like prioritization and being open to new suggestions and methods, there is a myriad of skills and habits every top entrepreneur must master if his/her business is to succeed. Here are some essentials.


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  1. Prioritization: Ability to put the most important and pressing tasks first is imperative if you are to achieve much. Eisenhower’s urgent/important principle helps top entrepreneurs with prioritization of tasks. Prioritizing tasks according to the following order gets the best results.
    • Important and urgent
    • Important but not urgent
    • Not important but urgent
    • Not important and not urgent                                                                                                                                                         This is a simple method top entrepreneurs can use to schedule tasks that gets the best use of time while achieving visible results.
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  2. Focus: Top entrepreneurs set sights on a short term goal and commit to achieving it as soon as possible. Tearing down large tasks and long-term goals into smaller bite-sized pieces makes it easier to complete them. Keeping your focus on a specific goal or goals despite all inevitable distractions is critical to the success of any business.planning top entrepreneur
  3. Planning for the long term: While keeping your focus on short term goals, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. The ultimate goal or final destination should remain at the back of every top entrepreneur’s mind, even as they go about much smaller tasks. Having a detailed plan which is visited and revised on at least a quarterly basis is necessary in order not to lose sight of your destination.open mind top entrepreneur
  4. Openness: Having an open mind is an important and powerful skill every top entrepreneur needs to have. Considering new ideas, different viewpoints and valuing input from employees and customers alike pays off dividends. This is not a skill that will come overnight, but putting in time and effort will show results eventually.resilience top entrepreneur
  5. Resilience: Even with the best laid plans, things don’t go exactly the way we want them to. Life always throws a spanner in the works, pushing us off balance and threatening to sabotage everything. But having resilience even in the face of challenges and looking for a silver lining in a dark cloud is a must if a top entrepreneur is to succeed in his/her business.sell top entrepreneur
  6. Knowledge of selling: Believe it or not, every top entrepreneur must know how to sell his goods, ideas and services to people. From prospective customers to investors and even employees, you must be able to convince people to invest in your business, or buy what you produce.learn top entrepreneur
  7. Learn: A top entrepreneur must realize that he/she doesn’t know everything, and that the dynamics of the market or industry they work in always change. So they must be ready to change with times, trends and new developments. A top entrepreneur must “sharpen the saw” according to Stephen Covey, if his enterprise is to be a successful one.


A top entrepreneur mustn’t have inherent talents if his business is to succeed, but hardwork, dedication and a lot of self-belief are required. The popular saying “Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” is just one affirmation that talents can be done without if skills are developed, and a determination to overcome odds is maintained.

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