7 Things Successful people do before 9 AM

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Everyone wants to be successful. What varies from person to person is the definition of success. Try asking yourself the question. “I will know I am successful when …”. The answer to that will give you an idea of how you define success. For some – most people, actually – the answer will be “a billion dollars” or some other obscene amount of money. For others, it could be when they are doing what they love on their own terms. The answers vary by person, but one thing is constant – though the details may differ, success is something everyone wants.

Whatever your reasons, there are some daily habits and rituals that would help you achieve success. These rituals are performed by successful people and high performers all around the world.

Here are 7 of them:

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  1. Rise early: Tim Cook and Richard Branson are just a couple of successful people who are known for waking up extremely early. The plan here is to get a head start on your day and perform some key tasks without distraction. Mind you, “early” here means between 5 and 6 a.m. this gives some time for showing some gratitude for the things you’re thankful for. This also differs by person and society. For some, it could mean prayer and for others, meditation. To each their own.meditate-successful people
  2. Meditate: Most people imagine meditation as sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed, but it doesn’t have to be so. The point is to find some quiet time before the day begins when you can gather your thoughts and center yourself before your daily hustle starts. Successful people quiet themselves and get into a peaceful state so they can find the calm to handle whatever unexpected things life will undoubtedly throw at them.exercise-successful people
  3. Exercise: Daily exercise doesn’t have to involve pumping iron at the gym or other high intensity activities. Going for a 15-minute run or jog will go a long way in helping you achieve general health and fitness. Successful people know that exercise also gives an energy boost before the day starts as well as a much-needed sense of accomplishment. If the thought of going outside for a walk, run or gym session doesn’t sound appealing, there are a lot of in-house exercises which require no equipment whatsoever. You can literally roll off the bed onto the floor and perform your morning workout right there in your bedroom.plan-successful people
  4. Plan your day: A well planned day is the one with a higher chance of being productive. Successful people maximize their potential when they plan and the best time to plan your day is in the morning. Earlier hours allow for easier focus which helps prioritization. You will be better equipped to fit everything that needs doing in your timetable.

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  5. Do the most important task first: After prioritizing, start your most important task right away. Don’t postpone it till later, because this period is when you’re more equipped to handle the more difficult projects. It would serve you well to make this period a mobile phone-free period to avoid any distractions. Calls, texts, social media and the rest are enemies of productivity at this time of the day. If you can dedicate 45 minutes to an hour everyday to tackling the most difficult task of the day, imagine what you would have achieved in a year! This period could also be devoted to a project you’re undertaking like writing a book or creating a painting.read-successful people
  6. Read: “The more you read, the more things you know; the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss. Whether or not you were a literary person before now, attempt to read everyday. Successful people know that their horizons expand the more they read and so they attempt to get to know more about themselves and the world around them.news-successful people
  7. Catch up on the news: Now, you can pull out your phone and catch up on all the news updates, social media notifications and work calls, texts and emails. Staying up to date is important in this age of ubiquitous connectedness. This also helps successful people keep tabs on what affects them and their business.

The more you make a point of performing these tasks every morning before 9 a:m, the more productive you’ll be. Even if you’re not a “morning person”, make an effort to get up earlier each day and see the differences it will make to your productivity.


    • Exceptional. When you improve 1% each day it may be small; but if you continue with this habit for the entire year you improve by 365% which is awesome.

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