Add Your New Products

After your store has been successfully approved, you can start adding products by following this procedure:

  1. Go to and login into your account
  2. Click on Marketplace
  3. Click on my products review
  4. Click on add new products
  5. Select the type of product you want to add (Simple, Virtual, Downloadable or Configurable)
  6. Click the continue button at the top right corner of the page
  7. Fill the Displayed Form:  A form will be displayed for you to enter the product information
  8. Select the product category; after selecting category, click on the + button to expand to specific category and expand until you reach specific categories.

Please note the following points when uploading new products:

  • Write the product name: Your product name should be short and simple. Do not write a long name or a sentence. You can describe your product in ‘product description’.
  • Description: Make a detailed description of the product in product description. Ensure to highlight the entire product attributes like Size, Color, Manufacturer, Specifications, Usages, etc.
  • Short Description: Give a brief description of the product again.
  • SKU: This simply means Unique Product Identity which the shop owner gives to his product to identify it. For instance, if your shop name is Chigozie Ventures Nig. You might write CV0001 for the first product you are adding in your shop and follow it serially.
  • Price: Write the price of the product WITHOUT comma (,) Dollar($) or Naira(#) signs. Just write 2000 (if the price is 2000).
  • Special Price: This column is not compulsory, but you can also add a special price for the product if it is part of a promo.
  • Special Price From: State when your promo price will start from. E.g, January.
  • Special Price To: State when your promo price will end. E.g From January to March.
  • Stock: State how many pieces of the product you have in stock. E.g, 2000
  • Stock Availability: select from the options (In stock or Out of Stock) to show if the product is available or not.
  • Visibility: Select from the options where your product will show (Select Catalogue and Search)
  • Tax Class :(Select None Taxable Item)
  • Weight: Write the weight of the product in kilograms e.g 3. (Write it without comma, signs or separation).
  • Add Product Image: Selectan image from your device or computer to add to the product you are about to upload. Choose the best image of all the selected images to be added as the base image.
  • Click Save on the top right corner of the page.

After saving is successful, wait for the admin to approve your product and it will appear on the front end in your store.


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