7 Things to do to Become Employee of the Month

The employee of the month award is one that every employee wants. The recognition of the efforts that you’re putting in, coupled with the respect and admiration of your coworkers and the addition to your resume is a package that very few workers will not be interested in. But virtually every positive recognition requires that you put in effort that is more than the basic requirement or the bare minimum. Getting recognized as the employee of the month severally also causes you to be noticed by the company administration and puts you in a better position to receive that promotion that you’ve had your eye on.

These are some of the most effective ways to become employee of the month.

  1. Share the vision of the organization/know what your employers want:  For employers, the perfect worker is not just the one who completes his tasks on time. The perfect employee finds out what his/her employers want to achieve, both presently and in the long term and strives to achieve them via any means necessary. the perfect employee finds out the kind of organization his employers seek to build and devotes his time to helping them achieve it. When you know and understand what your superiors require of you, it makes achieving it all that easier. This also applies to the employee of the month award. Find out the requirements that must be met before the award can be given. Common requirements could be punctuality, a high quality of work and good teamwork. Some organizations may require that coworkers nominate their choice of employee of the month, so a good relationship with your colleagues is always advised.above and beyond- employee of the month
  2. To be sure, go above and beyond expectations: Employee of the month is a competition if we are to be frank and the winner of a competition is the competitor who outperforms everyone else. Combine a high performance with punctuality, loyalty to your company and other attributes mentioned in this article for a better shot at that employee of the month reward. If your work rate has been below par before, strive to get more work done than anyone else for a better chance at the employee of the month. Coming second just makes you the first one who lost the race. Try to go out of your way to make sure the quality of your work leaves nothing to be desired and you will surely get noticed for it.
  3. Play along with your boss’s bias: Being a favorite of your immediate boss definitely helps your chances of being named employee of the month. If your boss is biased towards certain topics that you have a neutral stance in, it could be a good idea to show support for him/her as long as you don’t encourage corrupt practices and other unethical behavior. work ethic-employee of the month
  4. Have a good work ethic: Respecting authority, being dedicated and dependable in the workplace and executing tasks professionally are the attributes of an employee with a good work ethic. All these attributes are appreciated by employees, and recognition is given to such workers.
  5. Be punctual and look presentable: Punctuality is always a good attribute, regardless of where you find yourself. When you keep to time, you give the impression that you take your work seriously. People who are always late, on the other hand give the impression of being nonchalant about work. Punctual people are disciplined people and disciplined people are more productive. If you find punctuality difficult, try preparing for work the night before. Lay out your work clothes, clean your shoes and plan your lunch for the next day. Set an early alarm each day and when you wake up, get out of bed immediately. Keeping to the dress code of your workplace is another important way to achieve employee of the month. If your company’s dress code is casual, still attempt to look professional in your casual outfits. Business casual is the name of the game here. No ripped jeans, low cut blouses or short skirts at work. Keep your look professional and responsible. Careless dressers don’t get named employee of the month.

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    coworkers-employee of the month

  6. Have good relationships with coworkers: Someone who is popular with colleagues in the workplace is always a good candidate for employee of the month. When you relate well with everyone, are polite to your colleagues and give help to fellow workers when it’s needed, you develop a reputation for being a good part of the whole. Employees who are constantly at loggerheads with coworkers and don’t function well as part of a team are seen as a hindrance to the progress of the company. If you’ve not gotten along well with your work colleagues in the past, make an effort to mend bridges and try to be a better part of the team.
    loyalty-employee of the month
  7. Show loyalty to the company: Even if you don’t agree with some of your company’s policies, try to keep your opinions to yourself and refrain from saying such on social media or in public. Such utterances could get back to your boss who would see you as a gossip and ruin your reputation in the office. Instead, emphasize on your company’s strengths and seek to promote them as much as you can.

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