How to Dress for Your Next Job Interview

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Your outfit makes the first impression. This is why dressing is an extremely important part of a job interview. Interviewers assess based on appearance first, and a poor first impression could make up an interviewer’s mind about you before you open your mouth. These are tips and advice for physical appearance for a job interview that are sure to get you top marks in the appearance category.

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  • Research the company’s look/dress code beforehand: Looking up the accepted manner of dressing of your work environment is a plus, and only shows that you are someone who does his/her homework. While a corporate look is the most widely accepted and safest way to dress for an interview, dressing casual to a casual workplace is a plus. it ensures you don’t end up looking overdressed and out of place. Word of advice though – looking overdressed is far better than looking under-dressed, especially in a corporate setting, so be sure to take special care with your research.

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  • Invest in a power suit: Even if it means spending more than you normally would. there’s a reason they’re called power suits. You can never go wrong in them, and the feeling of confidence these suits give is unmatched by any other kind of outfit. Plus, you will continue to wear them even after getting the job, so it’s money well spent.

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  • Wear comfortable shoes: Comfort is the name of the game in corporate settings. forget about the “beauty is pain” slogan for now, comfortable shoes will serve you well, while also ensuring that there are no upsets on your big day.Shoes should not be too tight, oversized or have heels that are too high. keep everything moderate with sensible heels for women (no peep-toes please), and well-sized corporate shoes for men. save your six-inch heels for another occasion.

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  • Dry-clean, fit and test your outfit before the d-day: Make sure your clothes are properly laundered – no stains, burns or unsightly creases. Fit your clothes to make sure they’re your size and make any amendments on time. Test your outfit to make sure it’s exactly as it should be, and that you can sit, stand and make any presentations comfortably in them.

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  • Accessorize, but professionally: Corporate timepiece, bangles (women only, no bracelets or wristbands for men) and earrings (again, for women only).

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  • Groom yourself properly: Make sure your nails are clean, and short(for men). Clean teeth, neatly combed hair and trimmed beard. Be prepared to sacrifice your “beard gang” look for this, unless you don’t need the job that much anyway.

Following these tips will ensure you make the perfect first impression at your interview. Continue dressing this way even after you get the job, to maintain the impression you gave when you started.


For less formal(casual) workplaces:

For men, appropriate casual attire is dress pants or chinos, a shirt with or without a tie, dark socks and dress shoes. Avoid wearing polo shirts to an interview, even if they are acceptable at the workplace in question. Women should wear a combination of a skirt or dress pants, blouse, sweater, jacket and hose (both optional) with closed toe shoes.


For when there’s no dress code:

If you have a job interview, and for whatever reason the human resources manager tells you they “don’t have a dress code, so you can keep it casual.” Keep in mind that even in a low-key environment, you still need to make a good first impression and you should go the extra step to make sure you look and feel your best. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit. But it means you should opt for a more polished look, even if it’s still a casual one.

In a job interview, these are the universal don’ts, regardless of the setting – be it corporate or casual.

Do Not:

  • chew gum
  • operate your phone
  • drink anything(except water)
  • wear several face and body piercings (only earrings. If you have many piercings, leave them at home)
  • expose tattoos

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