Five Technical Skills Every Young Entrepreneur Should Learn

entrepreneural skill - entrepreneur skills

Being an entrepreneur is not just an arbitrary title description, less so if you’re a successful one. In reality, being an entrepreneur demands acquisition and development of certain core competencies, skills and technical proficiency. This is especially true in the context of the realities of the 21st century which has seen a technology revolution of business culture. Therefore, to function and maintain relevance as an entrepreneur in the current dispensation, the following skills are indispensable for the success of the young entrepreneur.

web design - entrepreneur skillsWebsite Design and Development:
It is no surprise that web development is among the top technical skills required of a young entrepreneur. This is simply because the internet has become one of the main channels for communication with customers, clients, partners, etc. Knowing how to work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and tools for interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization is a huge bonus. A young entrepreneur is expected to have an awareness of proper usability and also to be up to date with accessibility guidelines to provide a range of career opportunities.
A young entrepreneur should own a mobile friendly and easy-to-navigate website to easily advertise, publicize and showcase his/her products and also to entice customers, clients and partners to buy a product with them instead of visiting other websites. It is imperative that young entrepreneurs should continue to pursue knowledge by either reading books or taking some courses to enlighten their overall proficiency on website design.

business intelligence - entrepreneur skillsBusiness Intelligence and Analytics:
Business intelligence (BI) is a professional role where an industrialist is responsible for processes that include evaluating, scrutinizing and presenting an actionable information to help managers at different levels to make informed business decisions to maximize its utility. It is expected that a young entrepreneur should be knowledgeable enough to develop the technical skill that combines a range of tools and methodologies to understand data storage structures, and also learn the various ways data can be applied to aid business intelligence. This technical skill helps a young entrepreneur to develop and provide new business aptitude and solutions which include identifying the company’s most cost-effective customers, the problem spots in a company, the company’s return on investment and lots more. A young entrepreneur with the knowledge of business intelligence analysts can also assist with the team of developers to understand and see concealed patterns, correlations, inclinations, and other important business information. Effective big data analytics led by a young entrepreneur yields some high revenue opportunities, more effective marketing and sales, improved operational efficiency, and other business benefits.

process management - entrepreneur skillsProject Management and Administration:
Project Management (PM) is crucial for any type of technical project a young entrepreneur wants to embark on. The art of project management involves the combination of tools, skills, and techniques that allow a young entrepreneur to manage a project and to bring it to a successful end in time and therefore provides a significant value to the company. Some of the skills required for a young entrepreneur includes developing project charters, planning, scheduling, vendor management, risk assessment, budgeting, change management and project control. Some of the top benefits of a young entrepreneur who is skilled in project management is the ability to finish projects more quickly and cheaply, saving cost with proactive scope management, quick problem-solving, seeing future risks, improving the work environment and more. The knowledge of project management is a rapid and constantly growing demand in the area worldwide.

networking - entrepreneur skillsNetworking:
Networking is a socioeconomic business activity that helps to connect with top entrepreneurs and businessmen to form business relationship and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures. There is a huge need for a young entrepreneur to experience prominent business networking skills so as to create and build new business relationships and also generate business opportunities at the same time. Business networking is a cost effective method of spawning new businesses than advertising or public relations efforts. It also helps to engender and develop a strong feeling of trust between the entrepreneurs involved and play a big part in raising the profile of the establishment. A young entrepreneur should understand the basis of a wired and wireless hardware and use the different types of network, such as cabling, switch, router, hub, bridge, etc. to communicate business ideas and concepts to other top entrepreneurs. Networked businesses should be open, random, and supportive. You can always connect on ZeeSaa online market – the premier destination for buyers and sellers in Nigeria

social media - entrepreneur skillsSocial Media Marketing and Advertising:
As a young entrepreneur, interacting and marketing products to your potential and existing customers through social media is inevitable. This is simply because social media has become one of the greatest platforms for business promotion in demand. A young entrepreneur is expected to be accountable for diffusing brand awareness and bringing leads into the funnel. He should be able to know his core audience and be in touch with what interests them. A young entrepreneur should also learn how to expedite, produce and post his own content. He is expected to know how to research quickly, produce insights and communicate them clearly to his customers. In addition, having a technical skill of audio and video production to advertise brands and products in social media is an ideal for a young entrepreneur. Companies use these strategies to share industry knowledge, products information and even companies’ culture. He should keep up with the latest changes since the world of both social media and marketing techniques are dynamic.


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