How To Get And Keep The Best Talent

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Every company – be it a startup or growth company has “building a capable team of professionals” very high on its list of priorities. But fortunately for potential employees, the choice lies with the talent. The onus is therefore on the companies to convince potential employees and the talent they hope to get to come be part of their team. This challenge is one that companies have to tackle in creative ways.

In order to convince potential hires to come work for your firm and keep the ones you already have, you must convince them of the benefits you offer and employ more effective methods in the hiring process.

You may be thinking “just offer them a ton of money and they will come to me to make my pick”. But that approach hardly works anymore and besides, not every company can afford to overpay to have competent workers. Today, recruits don’t decide to work for a company just because of a large pay packet. Offering benefits that aren’t common and recruiting in more creative ways are the way to go. These tips will help you attract and keep the best talent.

  1. Connect with the best talent early:
    Almost three quarters of graduates have been interns or apprentices at some point during their undergraduate careers. The benefits of this, apart from the obvious are that internships get your hires excited about working for you even before they graduate. It also gives you a pick from the crop while they’re still fresh. You can make selections about who looks promising and even begin training them beforehand. If your firm doesn’t give internships, it might be time to start seriously considering it – you’re letting the competition have the best entry-level workers.
  1. Have something to offer – asides money:
    Money is necessary for getting good workers and keeping them, but like I mentioned before, the best talent want more than just a good paycheck. Having a good workplace culture and an environment that encourages everyone to make their suggestions, push boundaries and innovate will attract the top talent to your firm. Other benefits like employee training, flexible hours and the ability to work from home will give your potential employees the work-life balance that they want.
    Have an employee value proposition that you will use to sell your firm to potential hires. Let it show what makes your company different from others and why the top talent would want to work there. The better your proposition, the better your chances at recruiting the best.
  1. Take your hiring online:
    Millennials grew up with internet trends and technologies and this reflects in virtually every aspect of their lives. Job searching is no exception, as almost 65% of them have used mobile devices to find and apply for jobs. They also consider social networks the best medium for finding a job. Since this demographic is already using internet technologies to find work, your firm must be visible on the internet – especially in the recruitment process.
  1. Develop the talent:
    Millennials have come to expect that they will learn and grow at whatever company they are employed at. A survey by Fastcompany showed that 77% of fresh graduates expected to get training from their employers on their first job, but only half of them got it. This is one major reason why new graduates spend only a short time at their first few companies. If you offer long-term development to your recruits, your company will be valued above others who don’t by top talent looking for new opportunities. Providing this will also help you keep the best talent for long after hiring them.

Other things like a fun workplace culture and trying to search in less competitive areas for top talent when the competition in your current hiring market is too stiff are methods to consider. If you dismiss the expectations of current entry-level workers as unrealistic, then you will miss out on all that they have to offer and your competition will have the upper hand, because they were willing to make the necessary adjustments to get the best.

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