Grab Attention On Social Media With These Three Tips

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A decade ago, if you wanted to get in touch with people, you had three options – email, a phone call or a face-to-face meeting. This implied that you had to lay hands on their email, home address or a phone number. That was before social media. Today, anyone and everyone can tweet to, post to and message almost anyone. The accessibility of social media is what has made the competition on it so fierce. Since anybody can do it, almost everybody does it and as a result, we all compete for each others’ attention and time.

Every organization or individual with a social media presence is looking to get more eyes on their content, increase traffic and get higher rankings. If these are your goals, then you most probably know that there is one concept that you should be focusing on – Shares. If you can significantly increase the number of times your content gets shared on social media platforms, it will reflect in the amount of traffic you get and on your rankings on social media.

Almost every company with an online presence see social media as an important tool for communicating with existing and potential customers. All these organizations are tweeting and posting, so doing the same with no real strategy will not make you visible, talk less of getting the engagement you want.

So if you want to be visible, you need to grab the attention of your would-be customers. Three ways you can get noticed are outlined in this article.

interesting content-social mediaCreate interesting content: They say “content is king” for a reason. If you want people to share your content, the first, obvious step is to create content that is worth sharing. Increasing your shares depends on this more than anything else. Keep in mind that you’re not just competing for people’s attention with other players in your industry, you’re competing for people’s attention with every other interesting bit of content on social media. Take a moment to think about it. All the memes, cute baby photos and funny cat videos. Social media keynote speaker Krista Neher said ““Brands aren’t competing against their competitors on social, they’re competing against what people care about.”

Creating interesting content, like most things is easier said than done. Find out what your audience wants to see and produce that kind of content.

social media-visualsDon’t stint on visuals: You might want to skip this tip because you’ve heard it a thousand and one times, but the numbers don’t lie. Our brains process visual content faster and more effectively than text, only 20% of of the text on a webpage is read by the average person and visuals increase social media engagement. These are just a few of the proven statistics, but this article:

The power of visual content.

should convince just about anyone of the importance of pictures, videos and infographics (just in case you didn’t know what i meant by “visual content“).

social media=-short and sweetMake it short and sweet: If you observe most millennials and other young people scrolling through content on facebook, twitter or instagram, you would notice that they breeze through posts very fast and only stop when something interesting catches their eye. After grabbing attention, keeping it is just as difficult. Everyone is pressed for time – not just time to spend on other tasks, but also time to spend searching for more interesting content! Time is the most valuable asset on social media, so after grabbing attention, go straight to the point and let them know what’s in it for them.

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