How to Increase Employee Motivation and Productivity at Work

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Employee motivation is important if you’re going to get the best out of them and retain the best employees who are in high demand. Workers will eventually change their place of work if the employee motivation is low. It doesn’t necessarily cost more money to improve employee motivation, just as long as you’re open to new suggestions and willing to think creatively. Everybody experiences a drop in motivation at some point, and keeping employee motivation constantly high can be a challenge. It is for this reason that we put together a few great tips from experts, guaranteed to keep the level of employee motivation at your workplace high. These tips are not specific to a particular industry, and require little or no cost. They can be applied to businesses, regardless of scale – from startup to Fortune 500 company.

reward - employee motivationReward good work: One of the most important methods of increasing employee motivation is by recognizing their hardwork. As long as an employee keeps putting in additional effort to produce exceptional results, and such effort is not recognized and appreciated, then as a supervisor, you shouldn’t expect that effort to keep coming in. How you recognize that effort is as important to employee motivation as the fact that you recognize it at all. Money is appropriate a lot of the time, but it’s not the only – or most effective – motivator. Treat employees as valued team members, not as numbers.

competition - employee motivationCreate Competition: One proven method of increasing employee motivation and making people put in more productive work is to make them compete with each other. When done properly, healthy competition will make increase employee motivation and make workers more productive, as they compete for bragging rights and of course the rewards that come with winning. Just ensure that the kind of competition you create doesn’t cause bad blood between employees, or cause them to attempt to sabotage each other’s work. If such occurs, discontinue the competition immediately.

positive - employee motivationStay Positive: Being constantly reminded of past poor performance hurts productivity and kills employee motivation. Even though it’s not possible to always expect things to go smoothly, we all have a limit to our tolerance for negativity. A remedy to this is that it’s easier to give direction through positive means than pointing out failures and what went wrong. Apparently,happiness and positivity play a greater role in business success than you could ever have thought. Shift your bias away from the negative and towards positivity and happiness and see the immediate impact it will have on not just your work experience and the employee motivation, but on your relationships and personal life as well.

goals - employee motivationSet short term goals you can measure: When working on a project that takes time and seems like there is no end in sight, you and your team could get demoralized fairly quickly. Showing your team visible progress will not only make everyone feel good, but will indicate that your work and the progress you’ve made are making a difference. Setting clear, short-term goals gives a boost to employee motivation each time one is achieved. Celebrating these achievements will also magnify this effect. Tracking progress this way shows you your progress over time, so that when you look back, you can easily see how far you’ve come.

responsibility - employee motivationIncrease responsibility: Employees that have greater responsibility in a workplace will feel more like part of the business than those who are only involved on a basic level. Such employees will invariably put in more effort to achieve more, because they now take the success of the business more personally. Letting your employees take more responsibility for the outcome of projects is another way to increase employee motivation. You could also offer them training opportunities to improve their skills.

autonomy - employee motivationAllow autonomy: Allowing workers to choose when and how they get their work done is one way to improve efficiency and increase employee motivation. Autonomy can be a strong motivator, as Roberta Chinsky said “Tell your employees what needs to be done, and by what deadline and allow them to decide when they will do the actual work. For some, it may mean coming to work earlier and for others it could mean working on the weekend.” The key is to give employees freedom to work on a project when motivation is strongest, and not just when they’re in the workplace. This freedom will do amazing things for employee motivation because when employees have more control over their work, it also helps eliminate one enemy of workplace motivation – micromanagement.

teamwork - employee motivationPromote Teamwork: One of the strongest motivators is teamwork. Working together, and seeing the result of collective effort is a great feeling. Teams help the individual stay motivated when his/her morale is low. Peers have been found to be the number one ingredient for employee motivation, and inspiration for them to go the extra mile with their efforts. Such an atmosphere is in place at ZeeSaa online market – the number one place to buy, sell, market and connect.  Does your work environment encourage teamwork, or stifle it? Does it give workers the opportunity to work in a cohesive way? If not, your employee motivation will be low and you will need to improve upon your workplace structure.

security - employee motivationProvide a sense of security: This is more of job security than physical security. Your employees need a sense of continuity to know that they’ll still have a place to work in the near future. Providing an atmosphere of uncertainty is one way to kill employee motivation, and by extension, productivity. Psychology shows that in the hierarchy of basic needs required by people to reach full potential, security comes after basic survival needs like food and water. When there is a sense of security at their place of work, employee motivation soars and workers are more motivated to reach full potential.

transparent - employee motivationBe transparent: Transparency is one of the best ways to encourage an atmosphere of trust and increase employee motivation amongst your whole team. Every relationship, including those at work fare better when built on trust. Another benefit of transparency, asides trust is that it ensures everyone has the same information to work with. This can be of immense benefit to your team. It’s important to communicate responsibly and effectively any and all information employees need to perform more effectively.

fun - employee motivationHave fun: While work shouldn’t feel like a day in the park everyday, your team shouldn’t feel like work is a bore every single day. You don’t need a playstation at the office to make work fun, you can find some fun in regular, everyday activities and office traditions. You will be surprised about the amount of employee motivation a little fun can give.
You can improve the employee motivation at your workplace with any of the above suggestions. Develop your own means of motivating workers and test how effective they are. Give your own employee motivation ideas in the comments and let us know what works – or doesn’t work for you.

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