Introducing ZeeSaa


Welcome to Zeesaa, Africa’s premier online shopping hub and internet marketing platform. ZeeSaa is an e-commerce company providing top of the line web-based wholesale, retail and online marketing services. It is the number one online portal for anyone who wants to create an instant and permanent online shop on a globally competitive and locally attractive platform.

With ZeeSaa, no knowledge of web design is required to create an online store, because we have made it simple for anyone to:

  • Create a shop for your business or product
  • Upload your products and services instantly
  • Share links to your products on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.
  • Make sales

All at zero cost, without having to worry about Website Design, Payment Processing or a Delivery System.

Sound too good to be true? Visit, the online shopping platform designed to enable you:

  • Create an online shop within 3 minutes: Business owners can easily create their online stores within 3 minutes, and start selling immediately.
  • Never worry about payment processing: When you create an online shopping site of your own to sell your products, one of the first questions asked will be “how do I receive payments online?” With ZeeSaa, everything concerning payments is already taken care of. Our site has an inbuilt payment system, irrespective of store or product, and no extra payment needs to be made to use it.
  • Delivery system already in place: at ZeeSaa, we understand that an efficient delivery system is the backbone of modern e-commerce, therefore we put in place an effective delivery system for everyone creating a store on the platform.

For Buyers:

ZeeSaa is an online market for a wide range of electronics, fashion products, home appliances and kid’s items.

  • Wholesale and Retail items: We have several manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with stores on our platform, which you can order directly from in bulk. We also have retail stores that take retail orders.
  • Food sales: Various restaurants and eateries are registered on our platform, and are ready to take your orders – to be paid for online, or on delivery.
  • Buying from your location: at ZeeSaa, we encourage buyers to buy from their location or city, to ensure that they receive their orders within 10 minutes of placing them.


Are you a manufacturer, trader or SME owner looking to take your business online? Register on ZeeSaa today and let your business benefit from the power of this new internet platform. To register, visit Are you looking for a destination for quality goods, ranging from electronics, phones, laptops and fashion items? Place your orders on ZeeSaa, the largest online market in Africa today.

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