Lunchtime With ZeeSaa

We’ve all had one of those days – you rush out in the morning without breakfast, because you’re running late for one reason or the other. And then you get to work and can’t wait for lunchtime. But when it finally arrives, the thought of searching for restaurants and local foods outlets that cater to the specific meal you have in mind is daunting. Be it rice and chicken, garri/semovita and your favorite soup, or even fast food. So is the thought of waiting in line during your lunch hour at an overcrowded restaurant.

Well, not to worry because there’s a free instant-delivery online market set to serve exactly what you crave – and in minutes too! Sound too good to be true? Visit, Africa’s number one online market that serves as your restaurant, mall, and general online shopping destination. At ZeeSaa Online Market, we have several Restaurants and Local Foods stores who own Online Stores on our Platform.

An assortment of meals, fast foods and snacks are available at cheap prices to satisfy whatever food combination you have in mind, or are currently craving. Pay online or on-delivery, with our f
ree instant home delivery service and ZeeSaa online market will have your meal delivered to your address of choice in minutes.

lunch with zeesaa

To order from the ZeeSaa online market, simply logon to and click on the Restaurant Category. This is just another way that Africa’s Largest Online Market is dedicated to adding value to the lives of her customers. Place your meal order now on, and never wait in another line again!

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