10 Practical Reasons Why Nobody is Reading Your Blog Posts

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Holla! Passionate writers out there; before you give up on blogging or tag it a huge waste of time and effort due to poor readership and low stat counts, consider the following:

marketing-blog posts

You are not marketing your blog properly

Properly-written articles that no one knows about might as well have not been written. Make it a point to get your posts to as many people as possible. Also attempt to market to the right crowd. Blog posts about culinary skills will not garner any interest when shared in a group about entrepreneurship and startups. Attempt to target the right niche when marketing your posts in order to get the maximum effect.

Your topics are not well researched

If you make a bad first impression on your readers by posting poorly-researched, half-baked content, you will lose readers. Ensure you verify facts and figures, get opinions of experts and cross-check the validity of your data before publishing content.

Your site is not user-friendly

This question is one every person running any kind of website should ask themselves. It’s not restricted to bloggers alone. A blog must be responsive and rendered properly regardless of the device it’s being viewed on – be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Take advantage of pictures, graphics and fonts to make your blog as presentable as possible. If you don’t trust your design choices, get help from a web designer.

focus-blog posts

The focus of your blog is not clear and well-defined

Is your website littered with topics ranging from music to the kitchen? Then your blog posts have no central point. Have a niche, build it and manage it well. A fashion and life-style blog should just be what it says it is, not littered about with food recipe posts, literary posts and other unrelated content: you can’t be “know-it-all”. Simply put, know what you want, go for it and focus on doing it well so that readers would know what your blog specializes in and where exactly to go when they need to be enlightened on a particular topic.

Your post titles are not catchy

When sorting out newspapers and settling for one, what prompts your selection? The headlines. Same with blogging, the kind of titles you give your blog posts would determine if it will interest people enough for them to click on it and satisfy their curiosity.


small font-blog posts

Your font size is too small

Remember, not everyone uses two eyes to see, some need four; why then should you make things harder by using small-sized fonts on your blog posts?

You are not consistent

A fluctuating blogger might never have the desired readership he/she desires. Try as much as possible to always have something new either weekly or two times a week, let your readers hear from you consistently, at least. Visiting your blog only to find the same old post they read three weeks ago at the top is a huge turn-off.

Your blog posts are not valuable

Be quality-conscious, not driven by quantity. Don’t write just because you need to increase the opportunity of showing up on search engines; people recognize quality content when they see one and with the number of bloggers out there, you just might be lost in the crowd if you keep posting content easily found on other blogs—and probably better written, too.visible-blog posts

Your blog is not visible

Besides putting up backlinks of your blog posts on other websites and sharing your posts on social media, are there enough keywords in your blog posts that will help search engines to rank your posts high when people search on a particular topic? You don’t have to overuse your keywords to the extent that you lose sight of the purpose or aim of your writing; rather, try to insert keywords in the titles of your blog posts, subtitles and the body of your posts. To know how to phrase your keywords, you could try typing in your blog title on Google and scrolling down to see the “related articles” that Google will suggest. Consistent writing also increases the chance of your posts appearing on Google search results.

Finally, here comes the huge question…

Being a blogger is a serious business, so how determined are you to keep writing even when it seems nobody is reading your blog posts, while at the same time doing all that’s necessary to promote the readership of your blog, till it starts paying off?

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