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For every student, project work is an unavoidable academic exercise that qualifies one to be awarded a degree.  It’s an activity that tests your understanding of the core principles in your course and your ability to put them to practice in solving problem.


Your final year project is important to your department; more school and most important to you! Your department needs it to be sure you learnt something with your years with them. Your school need it to be sure you deserve the degree they will award you. But you need it to boost your CGP which directly affect your graduating grade and indirectly affect your chance of getting jobs and career path.



The fact that project work often carried out at the terminal end of an academic sojourn carries about the highest credit unit which is a testament to its relevance. That’s why  for students that want to boost their weak CGP, the hope of strengthening a weak CGP is anchored on getting good grades in their project work. They make extra effort to ensure that the best result possible is made.


At the root of excellent grade in project work is getting relevant papers for understudying previous works on a chosen topic which helps prepare an excellent literature review and support your postulations resulting from your research.


Unfortunately, many students before you couldn’t attain their academic goal because they couldn’t get relevant research materials for their work. It’s because research works are not available for use; but because they are not accessible. They have been stacked in departmental shelves in different institutions. In fact, the few that can be accessed on the web have high price tag on them.


Consequently, many students have scanty references on their research work, give outdated reference or fabricate some. This has weakened many students’ score thereby defeating their goal of getting the best of result from project work to boost graduating grade.



But you and escape that! You  can access numerous, relevant and timely reference materials for your work on Raadaa.com at no cost.  Raadaa.com is a website that hosts thousands of research papers from different researchers, students and lecturers across the world which can be easily accesses by anyone around the world.


In the words of Raadaa founder/CEO, Raadaa.com was founded to enrich the world, starting from Africa, with knowledge and help authors get reward for their labour. “Raadaa is borne out of the desire to provide open and unrestricted access to research, preserve and collate research works and empower researchers by helping them monetize their research works with ease.”


Raadaa.com is a powerful tool in ensuring you get the best from your project work. It’s a tool designed to ensure that you easily access any research material you need for your project work at no cost.  It’s your window for research materials and intellectual discourse on papers hosted on the site.

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