How To Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Like Working


The life of an entrepreneur is far from easy. They often work the longest hours and have to tackle the most important tasks. While you may  be passionate about what you do and are keen on achieving your dream, it is no guarantee that you will always have fun while building your business. We all have moments when we don’t feel like working, period. We all have fought internal battles to not waste away time and get meaningful work done. Sometimes you just don’t want to do it. Some days, lazing around feels so much better than getting up and hustling. You may not feel like working, but you still want to do something. You want to be productive. You want to get things done and feel accomplished.

But who says that you can’t be productive when you’re feeling lazy? Here are some valuable tips for getting work done even when you don’t feel like it.

  1. Reward yourself when you complete important tasks: When you complete a landmark or complete a special project at work, choose a fitting reward for yourself. Bribing yourself this way provides an incentive to complete your work on time and makes you more productive. Your reward can be anything from 10 minutes on Instagram to an extended lunch break. Just make sure the reward is something that you like otherwise it would be a poor motivator.
  2. Look at the bigger picture: When you’re finding it difficult to get started on a task, take a moment to think about how this fits into the grand scheme of things so you can see why it’s important to get it done. If you need to study for a school test and can’t seem to get started, think about how acing that test will help your overall grades and give you a much better chance to get into the university you’ve always dreamed of getting accepted to. Are you making a boring business plan, but can’t seem to make the process productive? Think of how that business plan will help you put several aspects of your business into perspective and bring you one step closer to achieving your entrepreneurship goals and making the difference you’ve always wanted. When you look at the bigger picture, you will easily see just how important completing a single task is.
  3. Allow your work to not be perfect: Giving yourself leave to just do the job – even if it’s the worst version you can produce – is a good way to not get stuck in the contemplation of an important task. You are the only person who will see the bad versions of your work, and so you are excused if it’s not up to par. When better ideas eventually come to you, you can then do away with the bad version and make it up to standard. If most of your tasks are challenging and are meant to be done by only you, allow yourself to do a less than perfect job – at least the first time. You will be more productive this way
  4. Go offline: Being offline is an often underrated, but effective way to be more productive. Research shows that about half of the time we spend on the internet is time spent procrastinating. When we go offline – even for a relatively short time, will cut down on the time we waste procrastinating and give us less excuse to do our work – especially when we don’t feel like working. Some of us might be smiling while we read this, thinking “but I have to be connected to the internet to do my work, so…”. Even if you are always connected at work, there is a free app called “SelfControl” – aptly named, I think – that is for desktops and works with a timer to block all media sites that could be a distraction. Trying to load a blocked site gives a message similar to that gotten when you are not connected to the internet.

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