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Literature, as we all know is one of the major keys to enlightenment in almost every culture. From education to art and business, the written word is a form of expression that can’t be done without. This ubiquitous form of communication and self-expression demands a powerful platform that allows its creators to reach their audiences, showcase their ideas and get critique of their work as well as recognition and acknowledgement. Authors, publishers, poets, playwrights, academics – all need to have one platform on which their voices can proliferate without anyone overshadowing the other.

This is the question we asked ourselves at Raadaa. We realize the power of the written word and know that access to literary content for educational, recreational and research purposes is limited, not just in Africa, but in several places the world over. We sought for a solution to this disconnect and decided to leverage the internet and its unlimited availability.

This is where Raadaa comes in. A service for the literary-inclined, where anyone and everyone with a book, journal, research paper, novel or other literary composition can put their work and take advantage of the ubiquitous connectedness internet trends and technologies provide. In short, writers and publishers will be able to drive traffic to a particular material on the platform and get sales, publicity and recognition for their work. Readers on the platform can read, share, download and review content.

RaaDaa.Com is a platform for individual authors and organizations to publish share and monetize their written content. Raadaa.com is a platform similar to researchgate and academia.edu, but with added benefits

Presently, a lot of people work as Youtube video creators because it is lucrative. We believe that if there is a platform upon which researchers, owners of publications, bloggers and even fiction writers and other academics could upload their content and earn income from it based on the impact of the work on readers, they will gladly upload good content.

Today, very few independent research projects are funded, so research is carried out for teaching, promotions, assessments, other research and for news or entertainment purposes. Having a platform that pays researchers for impactful work will provide more opportunities and reasons to engage in meaningful research. This is the primary purpose of the Raadaa platform.

Apart from these, the Raadaa platform proposes a new method for submission and collation of term papers and research work prepared by students, academics and other researchers into one single pool called a channel.

Who is Raadaa for?

Raadaa is for researchers, Professors, lecturers, authors, students, organizations, freelance writers and readers who just need a source of quality literature and research material.

For individual writers, upload your work and grow your audience via the Raadaa platform. Publishing houses and organizations are not left out. They can upload any material that they have copyright license to. Academic and research institutions like schools, health institutions and the like can also publish research papers and academic material on the Raadaa platform. This is a platform to take advantage of and get your literary material the recognition it needs.

Why should you use Raadaa?

  • It’s a free platform – now and always.
  • Upload and share all written content – from journals and papers, to works of fiction – at no cost.
  • Create a channel and collate all your written contents in one place and receive research submission in your channel from fellow researchers, students and colleagues.
  • Get reviews and critique for your work.
  • Create your own channel on which your followers can submit their own content and give reviews of your work.
  • Earn money for views and reviews of your content.
  • Measure the impact of your research work for reference and other purposes.
  • Connect and collaborate with researchers and writers all over the world.
  • Organise all your research in one place.
  • Read and download papers and journals for free.

Raadaa.com is looking to revolutionize the way we access literary content for educational, recreational and informative purposes. It is an open platform for both creators and consumers of literature everywhere. No geographical barriers apply here. Sign up, upload and read.

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