How To Start a Trending Topic

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On the social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, a trend is a topic or event that gains popularity at a certain time. Trends from hashtags are more popular on Twitter than any other social network. When something is “trending on Twitter”, it becomes popular because it is being spoken about by thousands or even millions of people. An example is an event like the SuperBowl or the Grammy awards. Twitter users use these hashtags to participate in conversations about trending topics. Tweets bearing the hashtag #GRAMMYs will be collated in a single feed containing conversations, news and opinions from everyone tweeting with that hashtag. Clicking on the hashtag in the “Trends” list will show this feed.

This explanation should impress upon anyone the power of hashtags and probably give you more than a few ideas about topics you would like to trend on Twitter, but then as you’ve probably figured out, making a topic trend on Twitter is easier said than done. If that were not the case, anyone would be able to make a topic trend on Twitter, regardless of whether or not said topic is relevant, concerns a large number of people or even contains credible information.

One reason why trending topics trend – apart from them being talked about by influencers – is that several regular people are interested in that topic. Getting a hashtag to trend is not easy. Apart from convincing people with large followerships on Twitter to push your topic, if the regular crowd don’t find it particularly interesting, amusing, informative or otherwise beneficial, your hashtag will not trend.

In order for a topic to trend on Twitter, two major things come into play: the quality of the content and its distribution. There are also several other minor factors that can increase your hashtag’s chances of trending.

How many tweets does a hashtag need to trend?

There is no perfect example of how many tweets are needed to make a hashtag trend, since virtually every instance of a trending topic is unique, but taking a rough average of topics that have made the trends list, the bracket of tweets is from 1000 to 1500 coming from approximately 700 unique users.

What do you need to make your topic trend?

  1. Use a topic most people can relate to:
    Remember that the aim of trending a particular topic is to get people talking about it. If you choose a topic that concerns only an obscure few, you will kill the hashtag before you even start pushing it. Choose a topic that will compel people to talk and encourage conversation amongst online communities. Start an interesting-enough conversation or ask a good question and you’ve taken the first step towards creating a trending topic.
  2. Find a hashtag that’s unique:
    The best hashtags are those ones that are fresh and have never been used before. It could be the name of your brand, a leading service that you offer or even something that’s not tied to your brand at all. Strive for originality when choosing your hashtag because past activity on a hashtag is taken into account by Twitter.
  3. Produce quality content:
    The content you create to support your hashtag – pictures, videos, audio and the rest should be entertaining, creative and have a clear call to action. To be safe, have a good amount of entertaining material to be shared with your tweets. Read this article: The power of visual content to know just how effective good visual content is on social networks.
  4. Call on Twitter influencers:
    Celebrities, digital marketers and other individuals and organizations that have a following on Twitter are all influencers. These are basically people who can reach large audiences and have influence over a large group of people. Spread your tweet net as far and as wide as possible. Several people who want to create trending topics have good material to share, but lack the ability to reach several people and communicate the benefits of their brand or service to them.

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