Startups: Why Customer 1 is Your Highest Priority

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If you have any intention of having repeat business in your startup, you must pay the necessary attention to the kind of customer service you offer right from the first customer. Customer service, contrary to what most people think is not just a group of well spoken people operating phones and calming down angry customers. Proper customer service starts from the quality of the first service rendered to a customer. “You never get a second chance at a first impression” goes for businesses as well as individuals, and when the first service rendered to the first customer is poor, it will not only deter that one customer from returning, but also create a customer that spreads word about the poor quality of services rendered. What many business owners fail to realize is that customer evangelism is the most effective form of marketing. Nothing sways people and changes their minds about a preconceived notion like someone they know, whose opinion they value. The most aggressive marketing and the most attractive advertising will never be as effective as the word spread by a satisfied and impressed customer.

So since repeat customers bring in more money than new customers on average, it’s important that startups find ways to not only satisfy their first customer, but also go over and above to nurture their existing buyers. And while this should start from the first service rendered, it also includes the customer service phone call.

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Customer service call handling:
One  survey asked people’s opinions on customer service handling and it revealed just how important the first phone call can be. Fifty-nine percent of those participating said that if the first call to a company’s customer service line isn’t handled properly, they will never buy from that business. This demonstrates the importance of making sure every caller receives top-quality service. Without monitoring call center performance, startups may be losing customers without even realizing it.

The survey also found that older customers tolerate poor handling by a business’s customer representatives the least. It makes sense that older customers might place greater importance on live calls since they’ve experienced those since before there was an Internet. Older customers tend to use online customer service platforms less often than their younger counterparts.

According to the survey, those in the 55 to 64 age group said an unsatisfactory phone experience would lead 63 percent to never buy from a brand again. For businesses whose target demographic includes this age group, this may mean you should be investing more in customer service.

Younger customers (between the ages of 18 and 24) reported more tolerance for a negative call handling experience but 54 percent said they still wouldn’t buy from a business again. Since this age group is forming relationships with brands for the first time in their adult lives, positive customer service experiences is crucial.

The conductors of the research believe that the phone has become an important lead conversion tool, with customer service representatives having the opportunity to create faithful customers through the service they provide. Inability to provide that level of service seriously damages a business’s profitability in the long term.

Scrutinizing the way calls are answered, the phone manner of customer service advisors and the sounds heard while on hold, including voice and music is a task startups must take seriously. While the customer base may not currently be large in the earlier stages, like mentioned previously, it’s never too early to provide quality services.

To improve the customer service:
Once the call experience is observed from a customer’s point of view, steps should be taken to make it better. Customers want to speak to a representative who listens well and is genuinely interested in solving their issues. Customer service representatives must know how to handle an upset or hostile customer and make them calm down while providing assistance or giving assurance that their issues will be given priority.

While customer service call handling is vital to customer satisfaction, ensure that your startup services give customers very little chance of being unsatisfied. Like i mentioned previously, startups must provide the best quality of service everytime, mostly because a batch of unsatisfied first customers could be fatal. Unlike established businesses that can recover from a spell of poor customer services rendered, startups may have only one shot at impressing customers. You always remember your first and so do your customers.

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