From Student to CEO: How Young Entrepreneurs can Hone Their CEO Skills

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As an ambitious finalist, while your peers are still drunk on the euphoria of being fresh graduates soon, you’re probably already thinking ahead, making plans on how you can kick-start your graduate career, and the kind of skills you need. University campuses are overflowing with opportunities for students to learn valuable business skills. Developing the leadership and management skills you will need as a young entrepreneur to keep you ahead of the pack.

If you’re not yet a finalist, these tips are also for you: it’s never too early to prime yourself for the life of a young entrepreneur ahead. Keep in mind, however that with development of skills, it’s always better to have few that you’re proficient in, than to be involved in a thousand activities and not be fully committed to any of them. These activities will give you the lessons you need in management and leadership.

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  1. Play sports:
    Sports, asides from building you physically and mentally are a great way to develop effective communication skills and team chemistry for young entrepreneurs. You mustn’t be a coach, captain or star player, you just need to learn to motivate the people you’re working with, because all successful CEOs know how to motivate, manage and work with their teams.
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  2. Perform leadership duties in class:
    One of the best places young entrepreneurs can develop leadership skills is the classroom because there is no shortage of projects that require working in a group. You can take team management positions and see these projects as business activities and real-world simulations. Foster teamwork, concentrate on achieving set goals and meeting deadlines.

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  3. Get a student job:
    There is a variety of jobs available to students when school is in session. Young entrepreneurs can give assistance to administrative staff, work in restaurants or join a student startup – the options are numerous. Every university community is different though, find what is available where you are and learn important lessons in time management, self discipline and prioritization.
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  4. Run for a student government office:
    The lessons young entrepreneurs can learn from handling the responsibility that comes with a student government office are numerous, but accountability is notable among them. You’ll be responsible for handling issues concerning your classmates alongside hundreds of other students and you’ll no doubt learn a thing or two about implementing change.
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  5. Join a research team:
    Whether it’s part of a professor’s team, or alongside fellow students, research projects will spark your imagination and help make you an expert in your niche. Research projects also help you master analysis and organization. Research is always rewarding – especially for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

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  6. Be active in a student club:
    Student organizations are always plentiful in a university environment. But keep in mind that membership in student organizations is only effective if you’re active in them. Endeavour to participate in as many of the club’s activities as you can and help their cause by contributing whatever skills and resources you have. It even gets better if you get into a leadership position – more lessons for you.
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  7. Tutor:
    Pick your strongest course or skill and tutor friends and fellow students in it. You could also offer to assist a lecturer with their course that you had top marks in in a previous session. Teaching is difficult, but young entrepreneurs will build communication skills and how to really listen when tutoring people in topics they’re not proficient in.

The most effective way to hone your CEO skills is by getting down and dirty with the tasks that will develop you. If you have any further ideas that will build student CEO skills, don’t hesitate to leave a commen

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