How Technology Has Changed Today’s Workplace

today's workplace

Technology has positively changed workplaces around the world over the past few decades. In this generation, technological inventions and improvements seem to be introduced almost every week and this trend is almost guaranteed to continue. Today’s workplace environment is no longer similar to that of past years. It has been taken over by rapid technological advancement, allowing workers to interact with markets around the globe, and even work from home or while traveling. New technologies have not only made our personal lives easier, they’ve taken over our professional lives too. The excess of paperwork, meetings that required everyone to be physically present and paper memos for getting messages to employees have all disappeared from today’s workplace. Getting in touch with clients was costly and communication between levels hardly happened. Today, technology has simplified all operational and communication matters. This influx of new technologies has completely reshaped today’s workplace, which has in turn facilitated businesses in running their affairs more smoothly and performing better than ever. Human resource leaders and facility managers are feeling the brunt of these rapid changes, and are especially vulnerable to this impact. Keeping your workplace modern and profitable requires technological tools to help business leaders stay relevant by using technology in an effective way.

Here are 3 ways technology has modified the modern workplace, for the better.

  1. Increased productivity: With the increase in pace of today’s business terrain, a company can’t possibly survive if it doesn’t keep up. Technological advancements like high-speed internet, smartphones and tablets, cloud storage, and so much more have facilitated the increase in pace of today’s business race. Access to such technologies has helped entrepreneurs to optimize time management and working on the go, which in turn has enabled them to get tasks accomplished faster and with greater precision. Accountability has also increased as employers and managers have access to enterprise solutions which have introduced unprecedented convenience into supervising workplace activities and communications. Access to such solutions is also proving immensely helpful in discouraging workplace distractions, thus keeping employees focused on work and increasing their productivity.
  2. Increased security: In the past, businesses were extremely vulnerable to threats like corporate espionage. But in this day and age, effective security channels have been implemented in almost every company, allowing critical information to remain safe in today’s workplace. Without the implementation of the proper technology, the security of company information can be severely compromised. Just as hackers use technology to try to gain access to a company’s sensitive information, companies should also implement innovative technology as a safe haven against such breaches of security. Technology helps to make sure that information is accessible only to the right people, and makes it nearly impossible for important company information to be leaked.
  3. Better communication: Email was once the best thing to happen to business communication, but smartphones, Skype, social media and cloud technology have taken business communication in today’s workplace to another level. Emails can be sent and received on the go, meetings can be held with video conferencing, customers can be reached within seconds, and documents shared from anywhere and at any time. Distance is no longer relevant, while collaboration among co-workers has improved massively.

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