The 5 Most Popular Blog Niches

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The number of blogs in existence are increasing daily, because an increasing number of people out there are eager to share their thoughts with the public and, of course, make money from the comfort of their homes. Needless to say, the blog industry is now a highly competitive one, since every blogger wants more viewers. From my nomadic internet experience, I’ve observed that some particular blog niches enjoy more attention than others, and below is the list of these kinds of blogs and why they attract more views:

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  1. Fashion Blogs: While everybody wants to look great and up to date, many are completely clueless when it comes to wardrobe management—what to wear and when to wear it. Fashion blogs have come as their salvation from wardrobe malfunctions and outright disasters, so they visit these blogs frequently to learn how to combine colors, designs, accessories, etc and to be in line with trends.gossip-popular blogs
  2. Gossip Blogs: Everybody loves gossip. Most people are interested in what should never have been their business in the first place. The happenings in other peoples’ personal lives when packaged properly and presented to people, keeps them coming back, seeking for more.relationships-popular blogs
  3. Relationship Blogs: People who are not finding it funny in their relationships at all (which is a lot of people, by the way) visit these blogs to get help and advice on how to relate with their spouses. A blog that provides this kind of help attracts a lot of views because people want solutions on how to make their relationships blog niche
  4. Breaking News Blogs: Quite a number of people find it tasking to read the papers or watch news channels. This is probably because of how the news is presented, and not necessarily the content of the information. Breaking news blogs provide the needed information in a less formal and more casual manner; and just like some hate reading history books but enjoy historical novels, people who don’t read the papers but know they have to be up to date with the happenings around them, frequent the breaking news niche
  5. How-To Blogs: Gone are the days when one had to go through hell just to access information. We are in an age where people just ‘google it’ and get answers on how to do the things they want to do. As a result, how-to blogs do not lack viewers.

The above list contains what can be called the most popular blog niches, from my observation. This does not, however, mean that every blogger should follow this trend. Before anybody sets out to blog, there should be passion for the things they want to share, be it business or pleasure. The major focus should be on the originality of the blog content. If you do what no one else is doing, or even what people are already doing but in a new and different way, your blog will be successful. It is the passion for what you do that will encourage you to keep the ink flowing even when you don’t get as much views as you would have wanted yet.

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