The Skills to Develop while You are Still a Student

student skills - young entrepreneur

If you are considering becoming a student entrepreneur, just like in any other endeavor you undertake, you should develop some basic skills to be successful and distinguished. You don’t have to wait till you graduate from school before launching your business. Accordingly, here are some skills that will you help you bootstrap a business as a student entrepreneur. These skills will also be critical for you later in future, even if you are not currently motivated to kick-start your entrepreneurial ambition while still in school; so it is equally imperative to develop and embody them while still a student.

managing personality - young entrepreneurManaging Personality Dispositions:
The aspiring student entrepreneur should spend time to develop skills to manage his/her temperaments and persona. He/She should be positive and optimistic, as these attributes will help to get him through the threatening and harsh times that entrepreneurs experience as they try to find the business ideas that will work for them. The student entrepreneur should also preserve, have self-motivation and be persistent. He must also learn to be resilient and risk tolerant. He/she should be able to take risk and also be spirited enough to pull themselves up and grow from mistakes when they fail. The student entrepreneur should be strong-willed and determined to overcome fear of failure. Finally, he/she should also develop the skills and charisma necessary to lead and inspire others.

social skills - young entrepreneurSocial Skills:
Aspiring student entrepreneurs should be able to build great relationships and work closely with people so as to learn how to plan with team members, customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, and more. Some students may be more gifted in this area than others, but, fortunately, you can learn and improve on your social and interpersonal skills. An aspiring student entrepreneur should be competent with all modes of communication in order to effectively sell his/her vision to future investors, potential clients, team members, and other relevant parties. As a student entrepreneur, you should learn the ethical skills of dealing with people based on respect, integrity, fairness and truthfulness. You will definitely find it difficult to build a happy, committed team if you deal with people – staff, customers or suppliers – in a grungy way. As an aspiring student entrepreneur you should also develop the skill of paying rapt and active attention to people so as to learn new ideas from them because no one knows it all. Someone’s idea may be the platform that will make you successful in the future. You have to depend on others to get beyond the very early stages in your business. Thus, the aspiring student entrepreneur should develop his/her interpersonal skills to be able to motivate, enthuse and inspire others.

innovative skills - young entrepreneurInnovative and Critical Intellectual Skills:
Many people think that you’re either born creative or you’re not. However, creativity is a skill that you can develop if you invest the time and effort. As a student entrepreneur, you need to develop a keen acumen for evolving original ideas and insights, and making smart decisions about opportunities and potential projects. The student entrepreneur should learn the skills of conceptualizing and articulating ideas in a unique and impressive way. Moreover, a student entrepreneur should be able to match his intellectual theoretical skills to a concrete experience. An aspiring entrepreneur should develop the ability to view situations from a variety of perspectives and come up with an original idea, or a sound solution to problems. The student entrepreneur should be able to recognize opportunities, spot a trend and create a plan to take advantage of the opportunities he/she identifies.

business skills - young entrepreneurBusiness Skills:
In addition, the student entrepreneur needs to acquire the practical skills and competencies needed to produce goods or services effectively, and run a company. The student entrepreneur should be able to have the basic knowledge of goal-and-objective-setting, as well as the techniques of conceptualizing and designing a business plan. A student entrepreneur should be able to coordinate talents, skills, and abilities to be able to achieve his/her project efficiently and effectively. He/she should learn to make decisions by objectively weighing all relevant factors and potential consequences. A student entrepreneur should have an insight or knowledge on the type of project he/she wants to venture into, the target market and what it takes to be successful in it. A student entrepreneur can also learn from others who have worked on projects similar to the ones that he/she is contemplating, or find a mentor who is willing to coach and assist him/her. As an entrepreneur, you should have entrepreneurial knowledge and understand how entrepreneurs raise capital. You should also understand the sheer amount of experimentation and hard work that may be needed to find a business prototype that works for you.

ict skills - young entrepreneurICT Skills
Information and communication technology has dramatically changed business platforms in the 21st century. Therefore, an aspiring entrepreneur in the current dispensation must acquire a basic proficiency in ICT tools relevant to business. These technical skills include website design and development, networking, project management and analytics modalities, social media marketing and advertising. For the student entrepreneur, the intellectually friendly school atmosphere offers a great opportunity to acquire these technical skills. The importance of these technical competencies cannot be over-emphasized, and the aspiring student entrepreneur cannot thrive effectively without mastering them.

It is my sincere hope that the skills discussed above will provide a helpful insight and guidance to every aspiring entrepreneur. Good luck!

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