Top 10 Android Apps that Will Boost the Productivity of Young Entrepreneurs

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Mobile phones have come a long way from being strictly call and text message-based devices to functioning as multi-purpose workstations that young entrepreneurs can take advantage of. “There’s an app for that” is a commonly-recited phrase when we need something done on our smartphones. Smartphones are now nothing short of very portable computers which young entrepreneurs can use to achieve almost as much as they can with a generic computer. From work to education, research and entertainment, smartphones are used in virtually every aspect of our lives. They are commonplace devices with a wide range of applications whose potential young entrepreneurs can easily harness. Here are a few productivity apps that will help young entrepreneurs, and indeed everyone be more productive whether you’re at the workplace or not.


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  1. Pocket: We’ve all come across one article or another on the web, which we would like to save, and read or re-read later. Young entrepreneurs, instead of going through the hassle of trying to save a web url or link, can save it to pocket with a single tap instead. Pocket is an app for quickly saving, discovering and recommending stories and articles on the web. Young entrepreneurs can save to pocket from virtually any app or browser on their phone, tablet or computer. Pocket syncs saved pages across all your devices for ease of access wherever you are.evernote - young entrepreneur
  2. Evernote: One of the best note-taking apps-Evernote is the app of choice, recommended by several young entrepreneurs for when they need anything that involves typing – from notes to lists, to-do lists and checklists. The camera capture feature allows you to scan and comment on pieces of paper, printed documents, business cards, sketches and more. You can also attach all forms of media, like Ms Office docs, PDFs and photos. Evernote is one of the productivity apps young entrepreneurs can take advantage of that’s also available as a PC software, and syncs across all devices it’s installed docs - young entrepreneur
  3. Google Docs: Another text editor app, provided by Google itself. Google Docs is a text editor that allows young entrepreneurs to compose documents offline, saves them to your google drive when you go online and allows sharing among colleagues to view, edit and comment. Easily import Microsoft Word documents to Google Drive and edit directly from the app. Google Drive is also available as a web app for use on your PC. Young entrepreneurs will find this one of the indispensable productivity apps, as they can start a text document on one device and finish or edit it on the go on any other device. With Google Docs, never worry about losing your work, because it’s saved as you type.slack - young entrepreneur
  4. Slack: This app allows young entrepreneurs to create teams and communicate with them. It reduces the time spent on email by replacing it with one-to-one and group instant messaging. Send messages, share files, and archive messages and documents easily with Slack. Every young entrepreneur needs this tool to organize his/her teams – be they sales teams, marketing teams, or any other team of workers. Slack integrates with a lot of apps and services including Dropbox, Twitter and Google Drive. Young entrepreneurs can use Slack for free for as long as they want, but upgrading to a paid plan adds benefits like file storage, extended message history, increased membership and more.inbox - young entrepreneur
  5. Inbox: Nobody likes email – we hate having to handle it, especially when the important mail gets drowned in a pile of trivial messages. Welcome Inbox by Gmail, the app that organizes your mail and helps you get to what matters. Young entrepreneurs that need email to manage their businesses can use inbox to re-arrange and structure their email, to easily get to what matters. Inbox gives highlights of email messages to help young entrepreneurs know the messages that are important, even without opening them. Inbox bundles similar messages so you can deal with them all at once, and clear them all with a single swipe. You can also add reminders to the app, and snooze emails and reminders till whenever you are ready to deal with them.airdroid - young entrepreneurs
  6. Airdroid: AirDroid allows you to access and manage your android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the Web wirelessly, and for free. Young entrepreneurs that work mostly from a laptop or desktop computer can transfer files wirelessly between phone and computer, handle calls, sms and other allowed notifications all from their computers. Other fun features are viewing from the front and back cameras of your phone, viewing current screenshots and playing and managing the music and videos on your drive - young entrepreneurs
  7. Google Drive Suite: This contains the Google office apps that work with drive – Docs, Sheets and Slides. While Docs was reviewed separately, the Drive suite of apps is the perfect replacement for Microsoft office on an android device. Young entrepreneurs looking to work and share on the go can utilize the ease of the drive suite as opposed to the thousands of features that bring a lot of confusion in the Microsoft Office line. Docs replaces Word, Slides replaces Powerpoint and Sheets functions as Excel.trello - young entrepreneurs
  8. Trello: Touted as a “sidekick that can get things done and help you stay organized”, Trello is a task manager that lets you create boards to organize what you’re working on. Young entrepreneurs can invite workers to collaborate on what they’re working on, make comments, assign tasks to them, attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox and even upload photos and videos. Young entrepreneurs that are having trouble with scheduling of tasks and reminders can use Trello to organize their schedule.xender - young entrepreneurs
  9. Xender: Offline file sharing made easy. If you need speed, simplicity and no need for an internet connection, Xender is the answer. Simply create a channel, or connect to one and send and receive files weighing gigabytes within minutes. Young entrepreneurs can share files, apps and documents at 200 times the speed of bluetooth with Xender.duolingo - young entrepreneurs
  10. Duolingo: Always wanted to learn a new language, but were stopped by the logistics of getting a competent tutor, paying them and finding time for lessons amidst your busy schedule? Well, this is what Duolingo is for. Young entrepreneurs who need to learn a new language for whatever reason – be it for a trip to a European state, or to connect better with foreign business associates, or just learning for the fun of it, – are covered by Duolingo. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian and many others for free with duolingo. Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing. Play a game, answer questions and complete lessons to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Start with basic verbs, phrases, and sentences, and learn new words daily. Young entrepreneurs can easily learn new languages by spending some minutes everyday with Duolingo.

Young entrepreneurs need all the help they can get to increase their productivity and help them achieve more. Productivity apps on smartphones are the most reliable and ubiquitous means of achieving this. At a time when almost everything we do is automated and the internet of things is on the verge of becoming more commonplace than we’ve known, young entrepreneurs need to keep up with all the technological changes designed to make tasks easier and make us more productive. While this is by no means a complete list of all productivity apps, the above list is guaranteed to boost the productivity of young entrepreneurs and help them achieve more.

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