The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

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Marketing has been a field ruled by players who have the foresight to prepare, anticipate changes and use trends to their advantage before the competition does. This article takes a look at the most noteworthy digital marketing trends for the coming year. The online marketing industry is expansive, complex, and unpredictable and the sooner you strike the right nerve of an online user, the better you can engage them and remain in front of your rivals.

We are now in the era of the consumer and every digital marketer in the know is aware that personalisation and consumer context are all the rave now.. This is because the single greatest driver of digital transformation is customer experience. Experts agreed that marketers need to make better, more pertinent and relevant communications, and cooperate to make better consumer engagement.

This is a rundown of probably the most reliable digital marketing trends for the year 2017 that you ought to concentrate on. Keep in mind that the end goal is to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns. Do take note of these coming trends and prepare accordingly. You don’t need to utilize every one of them, but you need to know about their existence in order to continue being competitive in your industry.

  1. Video: ads and live streaming: Despite the fact that this is not news for top web-based social networking services like Facebook and Youtube, the online advertising scene will change with Google’s “in-SERP video advertising”. This suggests an increasing acknowledgment of video ads among consumers. Social media users are starting to request more live content, giving them a view into occasions they’d previously been unable to get to. Faster Internet and the ubiquity of cell phones have made live video into a kind of trend, with more applications giving some sort of “live streaming” services. Live video has been on the rise throughout the previous couple of years, but 2017 will be the year when it completely takes off, used by more brands and a larger number of people than any time in recent memory.
  1. Dedicated apps: A dedicated application gives every feature of a mobile-optimized site, but does so in a far more intuitive, convenient, and accessible way. Google’s application indexing will definitely bring advantages to having a dedicated app in coming years. Although we’re still a long way from apps completely replacing websites, entrepreneurs are seeing their potential, and 2017 will be a crucial year in mobile app development.
  1. AR and VR will change how marketers get their customers engaged and provide experiences beyond what is currently possible. The test for marketers will be to figure out how to make content to leverage the opportunities AR and VR provide. Few people could have known that Pokémon Go would have taken off as it did, bringing in $10 million a day in new income at its best. Despite the fact that the excitement for it has generally faded away, the application’s fundamental impacts on the online marketing community are: 1, it’s demonstrated that clients are prepared for AR, and 2, it’s given advertisers an example of the revenue potential here. You can hope to see more brands turning out with AR/VR games and advertisements to benefit from the apps currently in existence.
  1. IoT marketing: IoT stands out among the most important marketing technology uses of the last 2-3 years, yet it is of most significance value to device makers and retailers, so it is ranked relatively high here. There are expected to be 75 billion connected gadgets by 2020, which means there will be ten times the same number of gadgets able to communicate with each other as there will be individuals on the planet! The implications are enormous and far reaching and this amount of information sharing will change the way we live. IoT brings a lot of opportunities for advertisers. A decade ago, these things were only possible in dreams and sci-fi movies, but now they are a reality. These trends must be taken advantage of by advertisers, because those that use them will see a lot of growth, while those that don’t will quickly fall behind.
  1. High quality content remains king: Content, popularly called the “king” in digital marketing, will remain a basic part of any online marketing effort in the years to come. The increase in expert content writers, video makers and other content producers will just make content advertising more competitive. The key will be to create exceptional, high-quality, and interactive content that your readers can associate with. Niche-based authors who have information and skill in their fields will also be sought after.

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