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“Data is supposed to be smart” – Ezugwu Chigozie, founder ZeeSaa Online Market. At ZeeSaa, innovation is everything – it’s as important as our existence. We live, we breathe we innovate. That’s why we’ve released our latest service, crafted to help individuals and organizations spread information in a way they’ve never been able to before. Reaching out to a large group of people has proven an obstacle to marketers, promoters and individuals with an event to advertise. The options available have been limited, of less than satisfactory quality and mostly overpriced. The new service by the ZeeSaa Partners addresses all the concerns of individuals and organizations looking to broadcast a product, service or event.

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Welcome Smart Data by ZeeSaa Partners. The new service is designed to give the best user experience alongside quality of service to all users with an audience to reach. An sms service this good has never before been seen in Nigeria. If you’re a church owner, product or content marketer, blog owner, manufacturer, wedding planner, event coordinator or just an individual with information to broadcast, this service is for you.

  • What do we offer? A cheap, yet reliable means of reaching a group of people via sms or email.
  • How do you access this service? Visit smartdata.zeesaa.com, create an account for free and start broadcasting immediately.
  • What is the pricing? Send sms to an unlimited amount of phone numbers at a flat unit rate of #1.70 to all networks in Nigeria – no hidden charges and no unit pricing regardless of the number of sms sent. Also send emails to an unlimited number of email addresses absolutely free! This free email option is only available for a limited time, so rush now and get the most use out of it while it’s still free.
  • How do I pay? There are a number of payment options, so everyone can find the option that suits them best.


  1. Pay with debit card: this option requires only the details of your debit card and the cost of your messages is deducted from your account – no passwords or sensitive account information required.
  2. Bank deposit: simply recharge your smartdata account with the amount deposited into the bank account whose details are displayed on the page.

Better still, recharge your smartdata account beforehand with either option to avoid unforeseen delays at the time of delivery.

email - introducing smartdata

Smartdata by ZeeSaa Partners is unrivaled in terms of what matters – quality of service, pricing and quick, easy access. While other sms providers make their services a pain to use with hidden charges, ambiguous pricing and a poor user experience, smartdata is simple, efficient and pocket friendly. “Our aim was to combine an excellent customer experience with quality service and the best price of any sms service nationwide.” – Chijioke Ugwuanyi, content producer and editor-in-chief, ZeeSaa Magazine.

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