ZeeSaa Gadgets PT.1 – HTC 10


Welcome to the premier edition of the ZeeSaa gadgets series. This series is dedicated to giving reviews of tech devices with remarkable quality, picked by the editor, and recommended for our readers. So without further ado…

Virtually everyone has a smartphone today. In the past decade, they’ve gone from properties of only the elite who could afford them to being fairly common items. Every year, cell phone manufacturers attempt to release the perfect smartphone, and HTC has come really close in 2016 with the HTC 10. The Korean company has seen itself struggle to stay relevant these past few years. Formerly the jewel of the smartphone industry, with the HTC One series which was once named the best smartphone in the world, HTC is staging a comeback with the HTC 10(HTC One m10).

The phone sports a full-metal body and a Super – LCD 5.2 inch screen on the front, with Gorilla Glass 4 protection which should withstand moderate impact and falls without issue. Below the screen, the HTC logo from previous editions is missing, replaced by a home button, which is not, in fact a button but a capacitive key which doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

The main camera on the 10 is a 12 “ultrapixel” (what HTC are calling it, because of the larger pixels) camera which takes the best photos on any HTC device so far – one area they’ve struggled with recently. Its laser focus module and near-perfect color saturation gives the result of shots with impressive detail.htc 10

In the audio department, the 10 continues to excel as it’s predecessors did. The front speakers have moved, with the earpiece above the screen doubling as a speaker providing high-frequency output, while the speaker at the bottom of the phone functions as a sub-woofer. After setting up your personal audio profile the first time you plug in earphones, the 10 delivers better-sounding audio all-round. With louder and cleaner notes, it’s still the smartphone with the best audio of its generation.

The HTC 10 has 4GB of ram and a Snapdragon 820 processor which delivers smooth execution, even when running heavy apps and games. With a 3000mah battery, the 10 is guaranteed to last at least a full day – a day and half on moderate use – after a full charge. With other perks like fast charging(50% after 30 mins), a MicroSd slot that takes up to 2TB of extra storage space and a 5MP selfie camera, the HTC 10 has a few tricks up its sleeve.

These are impressive specs and features that can contend with the best of the best and the HTC 10 is definitely a smartphone to consider if you’re looking for a premium device. Get the HTC 10 on ZeeSaa now. Order from Africa’s largest online market for the best mobile phone deals.


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