ZeeSaa Gadgets PT.2 – Macbook Pro ‘015

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Apple prides itself on the fact that it makes the best laptops, period. That’s supposedly the reason why those who want them should fork over the huge amounts they cost. From the silver aluminum body and the long-lasting battery, to the retina display and newly introduced force-touch trackpad, it’s all premium look and feel.


macbook - ZeeSaa online marketTaking it from the top, apple didn’t make much difference in its design. It’s pretty much the same things users and admirers have come to know that have been re-applied in the 2015 edition. The same silver chassis (also available in gold and grey variants) with the iconic illuminated logo on the lid on the outside. Inside, you meet the retina display which measures 13.3” diagonally (15.4” on the 15” version) and breezes through 4K video with no hassle. The speed of the macbook is visible right from the jump. It boots under an impressive 14 seconds and wakes up faster than it takes to open the lid. Handling of multiple apps is a breeze, with the 2.5ghz processor which can also operate at 3.7ghz in turbo mode powering it, and making playback of 4k video possible.


macbook trackpad - ZeeSaa online marketHowever, the tech that is completely new to this machine is the force-touch trackpad. Unlike previous touchpads, the pad itself doesn’t click when pressed, but measures how hard you’re pressing with the inbuilt taptic engine, and then gives haptic (vibration) feedback based on “the force of your touch.” It’s design revolutions such as this that apple uses to maintain their claim of producing the best laptops in the world.


macbook keyboard - ZeeSaa online marketAll this, coupled with a battery that gives 10+ hours of heavy use on a single charge makes this macbook virtually unbeatable amongst its peers. One drawback, however is the poor gaming experience on macbooks generally, and this version is no exception as even lightweight games play poorly here. The lack of a discrete graphics chip is to blame, and this is one drawback that will turn serious gamers to a windows alternative.
In summary, if you’re not a dedicated gamer but need a power device with a premium build and top of the line specs, this device is a perfect fit for you. Buy a 2015 Macbook pro from ZeeSaa Online Market and get free shipping today. We’re expecting you.

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